Google+ Becky = One Happy Mama

So, I don’t normally do this (DON’T LAUGH!).

But I’ve got something to say.


Heard of it?

Yes? No?

Well, it’s basically taking social networking to a whole new level.

Right now it’s kind of like Disney World on a holiday.

Full to capacity!

They’re not letting anyone else in…


unless someone invites you!


I’m in.

They say it’s because the program is still in the testing phase.

I just like to think that I’m finally one of the cool kids and get to hang out in an exclusive club.


Well, I did say, “I JUST LIKE TO THINK” that!

Seriously, they are still testing things out.

But, let me tell you it’s gonna be pretty cool when it is all happy, happy – joy, joy!

Wanna know what its’ got?

How many times have you posted something on FaceBook that you only wanted a few people to see and not, I repeat, NOT the whole world?

In Google+ you have that ability.

You want to say something to your friends, like, ohhhhh, complain about cousin Myrtl, but then Myrtl sees it and calls her mom who calls your granny who calls your mom who calls you to ask why you would do such a thing?

In Google+ you have Circles of people who you can share things with – currently I’ve seen circles of Friends, Family, Acquaintances, Following (kind of like Twitter), and High School Friends.

There is also the ability to create new circles.

I will probably make one of Laura Bush Scholars, ‘cause I am one and we have a support group.

I will probably make one of Sept2Kmom, ‘cause I am one of those too and WE have a support group.

(I didn’t realize I needed this much support!)

Once you have someone in your Circle, you can start a Hangout.


I L-O-V-E to hang out with my friends, but how do you do that online?

In Google+ a Hangout is kinda like Skyping.

Living THOUSANDS of miles from family and friends, I use Skype ALL the time!

In fact, Big’s best friend received a web cam from us for her birthday this year so that she and Big can talk face to face!

Once things are up and running, so to speak, I’m really looking forward to this feature…


It will give me the opportunity to basically video chat with not just one but numerous people at the same time!

I will be able to talk to my Mama, my Sissy, my Great Aunt Eunice, and my friend all at the same time!


Okay, I have to admit, this one confused me a little at first.

Then I played with it,

And it was GOOOOOD!

Basically what you do is take the happy little search line,

Type in whatever *SPARKS* your interest,

Click the search icon,

And add it to your spark list!

The spark will then list out all the articles on the subject of your choosing for you to peruse for
scathingly brilliant ideas!

I happen to have 4 current sparks – couponing, crafting, library, young adult books and recipes.

My basic go to list of what I like to look at when I am scanning the web!


If you are someone who likes the whole “social network” thing but hates all the game notices posted on your wall, this could be the platform for you!

I have YET to find a game on Google+!

That is not to mean that they aren’t there…

I just haven’t found them yet!


Google+ was designed by the people that brought you Google! (duh)

It was also designed with those who use their smart phones and tablets to access the internet.

There is an ap that allows you to take photos and have them upload instantly to your Google+ account!

How cool is that!?!

Now, I just need a smart phone…


I’ve gotten mixed reviews from people about Google+, most aren’t sure about it.

But that’s pretty much the norm for anything at this phase in production.

We aren’t sure if we like it or not.

I say, give it a chance!
(and not just cause I know a guy who work s for the company)

You have to remember that Google+ is still being tested.

They will probably tweak things as the testing progresses.

Technology is constantly evolving, and this will most likely be no excpetion.

Take the time and get to know the program,

Watch the How-To videos,

Upload some photos,

Build your circles,


Spark your curiosity.

I’m thinking as time progresses I will find that

Google+ Becky = One Happy Mama!