Things that Go “Woof!” in the Night

So, I have been told that my life is a Saturday Night Live sketch waiting to happen.

Apparently things happen to me that generally only happen in the movies or on television.

Last night was the movie Rear Window.
You know, the movie with Jimmy Stewart where he is recovering from a broken foot and witnesses a murder through his open window.
Yeah, that was me.
Only without a murder.
Just a stupid dog.

Last night, I had been up for hours, listening to this stupid, little, yappy dog bark.
We live in town.
In a highly residential area.
I should not be listening to a yappy or howling dog in the middle of the night.
His owners are home.
These people have been approached many times by both my husband and I and our Sweet Neighbor about this animal.
When they have refused to act, we have been to animal control and the police.
Their standard mantra is, “There is not really anything we can do.”

So, there I am laying in bed at 1 a.m. live texting my Sissy about this dumb dog, when I realize that my Sweet Neighbor has left her house and is yelling at the dog.
My Sissy was afraid that the owners would call the police on the Sweet Neighbor.
“Ummm…No,” I explained. “This is the warning that they get that she is about to call the police herself!”
Then the police show up.
She called the cops!

Picture this…
with my broken foot…
who can’t get around on her own…
flopped over in an obnoxiously uncomfortable angle…
so that I can peek through the shutters at my Sweet Neighbor and the police officer…
and eavesdrop!

Typically, I am huddled in the dark next to her, waiting for the police.
It is our theory that while the other neighbors can hear the dog, they don’t want to deal with the owners.

I live texted my Sissy the whole exchange.
There was a lot of gesturing on the part of my Sweet Neighbor, while I could hear her explaining the issues we have been having with this particular pet and family for the past 3 years.
Their dog barking at all hours of the day and night…
Running rampant through the neighborhood (in a town where there is a leash law)…
Chasing runners, walkers, children, postal workers…
…my cats…
Because to quote the owners, “These are just the types of things that dogs do.”

And, apparently, the police officer had been looking on the wrong street.
He had slowed down when he started to hear the barking…
…Three blocks and one street away.
He finally agreed that we shouldn’t have to live our lives with the soundtrack of this dumb dog.
I think he gave them a ticket for disturbing the peace!
At least I hope so!

The end result was that they finally got the owners to take the dog into their house for the rest of the night.
History with these owners have shown that they will keep their dog in the house at night for most of the next week and then we will be back to the barking, howling, yapping dog and middle of the night calls to the police.

So, it makes me then wonder…
What will I see the happen the next time I can get to a window to peer out!


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