11 Blessings of a Broken Foot

I have a Pollyanna Complex.

My glass is always half full.

The other day, while in a painkiller stupor I was starting to feel my glass get half empty.

I don’t do half empty.

So I decided to start to count my blessings of a broken foot.

1. The ER didn’t send me home before I was seen by the orthopedist.
Yes, Ma’am, I see that your foot is broken in four or five places. Here, have this boot with velcro and some pain pills. Call the orthopedist on Monday and go see them. Thanks, have a nice day!

I can’t even imagine!

2. I have been banking paid sick leave FOREVER and have several weeks backed up.
So, even though I am down for the count, I am still able to get paid.

3. Most of my summer projects are cloud / internet based so I can still keep working from home.

4. The Ranger has excellent bedside manner. *Wink* *Wink*
Seriously, I love that man! He is pretty darn awesome (and that isn’t just the painkillers talking!)

5. Rose, my mother-in-law, has finally come for an extended visit!
In fact, I told her the other day that my broken foot was just an elaborate ruse to get her to visit us…and it worked!

6. My sister-in-law, that I love to death, drove Rose down so I got to visit with her for a couple of days!
It is really great having nurses in the family. Who knew that adding one more pillow to the leg could make such a huge difference!

7. I got an AWESOME care package from my Mama and Sissy.
The box talked.
When Trumpet Girl set it down on the table, it actually said, “NO!”

8. I have always wanted to be 9 month faculty, and this is going to be pretty close.

9. I have realized that we truly have a support network in place here in Middle of Nowhere, TN.
Friends have been dropping by to visit, texting to see if we need anything, bringing pizza, etc.

10. Time to catch up on my reading (I’m out of books) and DVR recordings!

So, now my glass is back to being half-full.

Oh, and I now have an 11!

11. I finally have time to update my blog.



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