Ten Blog Topics I Could Have Used

I am still working on lists.

I like lists.

Don’t judge!

This blog post is about at least 15 of the possible blog topics that I have thought of in the vast expanse of time that I haven’t written any.

Here we go:

1. In this house we do messy hair.

We have it down to an art form.

I remember a teacher that used to make me produce a hairbrush on a regular basis to fix my hair because it was always a mess.

Apparently, it is hereditary.

2. Things my students have done that make me want to whump! my head against a wall!

I’m not going to explain.

Suffice it to say, you would probably want to whump! too if it happened to you.

3. A photo hommage to how my cat sleeps.

No, seriously, all the Queen does is sleep.

On a pillow.

On the floor.

I don’t think she moves while we are gone for the day.

4. The world according to Miss A.

“Mom, I only do things the way want to do them.”

You get the picture.

5. Trumpetgirl meets Hulu and is sucked into the computer like the little girl on Poltergeist into the television.

Thanks to almost three weeks of snow days, she has been through multiple series.

Multiple times.

6. We got snow and it stayed past noon!

This is a pretty big phenomenon here in the Middle of Nowhere, TN.

My Pennsylvania girls are usually disappointed in what qualifies as snow in the South. But this year, they were both happy campers!

7. Trumpetgirl meets MyersBriggs testing and we are not surprised by the results.

For those of you who are nosy and want to know, she is a stereotypical INTJ.

She is very excited about this because apparently so is Sherlock and the Doctor.

8. I a librarian, let’s just save time and assume I am right.

I think the Ranger should buy me this shirt.

No reason.

Other than that I AM a librarian!

And, if I AM a mom!

Therefore it equates that I AM always right!

9. A Viola, 3 Trumpets, a Trombone and a piano walk into a house…

It could be the start of a joke.

But that joke would be my life.

Those are the instruments that we have lying around here.

Considering my lack of musical ability, I am always in awe of the sounds the Ranger and my children can make come from these instruments.

Depending on the piece, sometimes I wear ear plugs.

10. Your too happy, you scare me.

Not me personally.

I’m an obnoxiously happy, perky person.

Just ask the Ranger.

This would have been another post about my favorite topic – my children.

People assume if you are quiet, you are shy.

Don’t assume…

I have a child who is terrified of people who are loud, bouncy, outgoing…

…basically like her mom…

She looks at them with a mix of awe and terror!

I think people would be shocked to know that she hides, watching them from behind her hair because they terrify her not because she is anti-social and wants to be left alone.

Let me rephrase that, she usually does want to be left alone, but she wants to be invited to be included.

Kind of like that infographic on the care and keeping of an introvert.

Someday I might actually use these topics in a blog.

So, you can:

A.) Consider yourself warned


B.) Now realize you have the Cliff Notes version of what I will be talking about