Can you hear me now?

For several years Big has been begging for a phone, and for several years we’ve said, “Ummmm, no.”

The discussion goes back and forth.


1. All my friends have them!


1. Good, then if you need to call me you should have no trouble finding a phone!


2. How am I supposed to call you to pick me up from Pep Band?


2. Turn around and say, “Hey, Mom, can we go now?”


3.  But what if I want to call Grandma or Nana or Becky? 

This is where she tries playing the guilt trip – you moved me across the country from my grandmas and my BEST FRIEND!


3. Tell me when and I’ll lend you my phone.


There are two really huge things getting in the way of Big having her own phone, and one of them is known as the Ranger the other known as Mama (there really isn’t anything petite about me…seriously!).

Well, this was working fine for me, and then I saw it…



It looked suspiciously like the Ranger’s old cell phone.

The one he never answered.

The one he used for playing video games.

The one he got rid of after he found out he’d be carrying two phones around, his personal phone and one for work. 

He really hates phones!

But now here was Big with this phone of her own?

“Sweetie?” I asked, “Where did you get that phone?”

“Oh,” she says, “Daddy gave it to me. He said I could have it.”


There was no discussion over Big having a phone.

There was no sassy contract over the responsibilities of having her own phone.

There was no decision over how she was going to earn the money to pay for her phone.

It was just there.

I was SOOOOOOOOOOO not happy! (enough O’s to get my point across?)

Then she continued, “Yeah, it doesn’t work, but Dad said I could have it.”

Oh, okay then.

I was good with that.

Then I started noticing something.

Big was carrying this phone around…

And not just in the house.

She wanted to take it to school (Ummmmm, no).

She did sneak it to PRE (read CCD or Catechism).

I saw her showing it to someone.

I later asked her what she told people when it wouldn’t turn on –

“Oh, I just told them that it needed to be charged. I wasn’t lying, it does need to be charged”

No off position to the switch of genius on that child.

I’m not all that worried about her running up a huge phone bill though…

Did I mention that Big really hates talking on the phone?

She always has.

You see, for Big it’s all about being able to show her friends that she’s cool, that she has a phone too, that she fits in. Apparently the rule book only says you have to own a phone, not that it has to work.

The thing is we are going to have to seriously consider getting Big a phone of her own soon. She’s starting to go on school and church trips without us, and she wants to babysit her sister this summer and we don’t own a home phone.

Decisions are going to have to be made and rules outlined.

Until then I’m going to pick my battles and let her pack around the Ranger’s old phone.






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