Happy Halloween, Y’all

So, it looks like I just did a whole bunch of posts, but they’re just pictures…

Gotta keep Grandma and Nana happy!

Last night was Halloween.

‘Cuz you probably didn’t know that.

Typically we hand out a small fortune in candy to the urchins who come to our neighborhood only once a month.

This year we decided to try something different and we went to Trunk or Treat at our church.

We’ve never done Trunk or Treat before.

We didn’t know quite what to expect.

We got there on time.

The parking lot was full of cars.

There was no one in said cars.

They were in church.

Did I mention that we attend a Catholic church, and Halloween is All Saints Eve and November 1st is All Saints Day, a day of holy obligation which means you go to mass. They were having All Saints Day Mass on All Saints Eve.

Did I mention that my children were in costume.

Did I mention that they were the only children in church in costume.

Someone forgot to share the memo.

Church first, then quick change in the bathroom, THEN Trunk or Treat.

As a friend pointed out, at least they weren’t dressed as a witch, devil or hooker!

My friend is quite helpful!


She was dressed as a gypsy, complete with a jingly coin, belly dancing scarf. It was age appropriate, but every time she stood, sat or knelt she jingled.

Baby could have cared less. She was dressed as the princess she is, she was Snow White.

Now, when you catch sight of these costumes don’t think I made them.

My Mama is retired, has a sewing machine and knows how to use it!

Baby plans her costume a year in advance. She’s sitting on the couch thinking about it right now.

Big is more of a spur of the moment costume planner. If something catches her eye, that’s what she’s going to be.

Big happened to see the pattern for her costume while we were shopping for fabric for Baby’s costume.

I digress…

Back to Trunk or Treat…

So, after church we head out open trunks up.

People decorated their trunks!

I missed another memo.

I didn’t.

I did, however, hand out candy by the handful!

I was a favorite stop.

In addition to candy, there were also hot dogs.

I sent the girls over to get a hot dog while I was handing out the last of my candy.

A few minutes later they both ran up to me hollering, “MOM! Hold this!” They both then proceed to hand me their paper plates…

filled with cookies and a cupcake…

not a hot dog in sight.

We left a bit early, Baby was getting really cold.

When we got home, at 7, there were still a few porch lights on in the neighborhood and a couple hundred kids still roaming our street, so we went to a few of the houses on the block.

It was a well satisfying evening for us!

Until Baby girl came downstairs this morning with a froggy voice, sore throat, cough and fever.

She’s on the couch watching Kipper and waiting for some scrambled eggs.

So, with that, I’m outta here!



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