So, I’ve been crazy busy – working, trying to save the world, taking care of the kids…

The usual…you know.

My poor little blog has gone under the tires, so to speak.

The Grandmas are starting to complain about not getting many pictures of their girls lately.

So I’m going to try to step it up.

In case you haven’t noticed below, today I’ve found a shortcut!


I can instagram my pictures straight to Flikr then pop them from Flikr here!

It is kind of like how people get packages in my family.

For example, if I want to get a package to my Sissy, I will probably mail it to my Mama whose mail goes to my Bubba’s house. He or one of his boys will then take the package to my Mama, who will give it to my other nephew, who will then pass the package off to his mom who is my Sissy.

It works for us.

You will probably be seeing a lot more quick pictures than full on blogs, but even Wonder Woman can’t get to everything!