Slacking? I think not!

So, most of you probably think I’ve been slacking, but that is far from the truth!


The summer for the Accidental Family has been anything but a dream, it has been a constant reminder that A.) Life Happens, B.) Health Insurance is a Good Thing and C.) Prayer is Good.

The beginning of May the Ranger managed to discaboobulate his back…


The Ranger has spent most of his summer lying on his back and looking at

…his feet…

…the cat…

…his Minions…

He tried physical therapy.

He tried a Lumbar Epidural.

He ended up with a microdiscectomy (say that one 10 times really fast!).

We have been on this road for more than 2 months, and we are looking at a few more months recovery.


I don’t think so.

I’m not complaining, the Ranger would take care of me, the house, the kids and his job if the situation were reversed.

In fact, the year that I ended up in the ER 3 times in 3 months with my back, whooping cough and finally a chicken bone stuck in my throat, he was “the Man!”.

The Minions (formerly known as Big and Baby), have been awesome! They’ve been fetching and carrying for the Ranger while I’m at work.

So, last week was the BIG SURGERY, there is a really, REALLY long story that goes with last week that I’m not going to go into. Suffice it to say, the surgery has finally provided him with some relief from the pain. We’ll have to wait to see how successful the end results are, but we have high hopes!

So, we’ve tried to give the Minions some “Summer Fun,” the girls and I have been to Maggie’s Jungle Golf and we’ve been to paint ceramics  – please note that it has been the girls and I, the Poor Ranger has been stuck in bed. They were supposed to go out West to visit my Mama and Daddy, but we had to cancel the trip due to the Ranger’s back pain (he was unable to really even walk).


With the Ranger’s surgery being outside Nashville we decided to take advantage of the location

The Minions and I did some school shopping since there was a mall! (I swear I heard the hallelujah chorus when we walked in that place!)

We also too in the Adventure Science Center while the Ranger was napping.

The Minions got school clothes, a trip to Build a Bear, and free ice cream.

The Ranger got peace and quiet and a morphine pump.

I got an anxiety attack and a 10-lb weight gain from stress eating.

I would like to think that things are looking up!

School’s about to start in 2-weeks and everything gets better when when the kids go back to school, doesn’t it?

So, do me a favor and say a prayer or send us healthy wishes that we continue on the mend!

I’ll try to keep up with the blog, but right now it isn’t very high on my to-do list.






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