How to Go On Safari in West Tennessee

So, this last weekend the Accidental Family decided to take a road trip.

My family likes to explore the area around Middle-of-Nowhere-Tennessee and since the weather was gorgeous we decided to get out and about!

We decided to go to Memphis, the Pink Palace to be exact.

I spent a couple hours exploring their website, planning our visit, getting directions.

I was all set!

We got in the car, started on our way and the family decided they wanted to go to the Tennessee Safari Park instead.

My phone is only smart enough to text my parents to ask my Daddy the directions.

Situated just of Highway 412 just outside Alamo, TN, the park was pretty easy to find!

We paid our admission fee, gathered our buckets of animal food and headed into the self-driven tour.

We were instantly accosted by an emu!

TN safari park 17

I wouldn’t necessarily call the emu in this place friendly, they definitely didn’t want to be your friend unless they could see the white bucket of food sticking out your window. Actually, they didn’t care if it was outside your window or in your lap, they were all about whatever was in the bucket!

And some of them got kinda scary!

TN safari zoo 022

As we drove the 2.5 mile loop, we encountered any number of emu, but then there were the deer…

TN safari park 15

TN safari park 12

the bison

TN safari park 7

the water buffalo, the llamas, and, oh, yeah…

the ostrich!

TN safari park 11

…who saw a white bucket and came running…closer…

TN safari park 10

….and closer…

TN safari park 9

…and closer…

TN safari park 8

I ran out of food, so I closed that window… FAST!

In addition to the wide variety of animals inside the safari, there were a few more outside in the barnyard.

Including Baby’s boyfriend, Jerry the Giraffe…

TN safari park 6

He didn’t kiss her this time, but he was more than willing to eat a few carrots from her!

While Big wasn’t too thrilled with the roaming wild animals, she fell in l-o-v-e with the pygmy goats and has decided she wants one.

TN safari park 3

She’s thinking it would make a good dog.

I’m thinking she’s nuts.

– All pictures were taken by myself at the Tennessee Safari Park, a place that got multiple thumbs up from the ENTIRE family and was a morning of good fun! We definitely recommend you visit if you are in the area, and I didn’t receive any compensation for saying so!