Coming Up Flowery

I’m not exactly sure if “flowery” is actually a word to anyone except Baby, but that is the word she is currently using to describe our yard.

Spring Time has hit Middle-of-Nowhere, Tennessee early this year and we have been watching our flowers bud, blossom and bloom all in a matter of days (okay, maybe weeks, but it felt like days!)…

I would like to take credit for the beautiful flowers in our flower beds, but I can’t…except for the one sitting here on the bench…

Baby & Tulips

We like tulips, and I would like to thank the former owner of this house for planting the bulbs for me!

March 2012 - 1

March 2012 - 7

The whole yard is in bloom!

March 2012 - 5

March 2012 - 3

Including the trees…

March 2012 - 6

March 2012 - 4

So excuse me while I go outside to enjoy the fresh air, the flowers and allergy season!


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