Coming Up Flowery

I’m not exactly sure if “flowery” is actually a word to anyone except Baby, but that is the word she is currently using to describe our yard.

Spring Time has hit Middle-of-Nowhere, Tennessee early this year and we have been watching our flowers bud, blossom and bloom all in a matter of days (okay, maybe weeks, but it felt like days!)…

I would like to take credit for the beautiful flowers in our flower beds, but I can’t…except for the one sitting here on the bench…

Baby & Tulips

We like tulips, and I would like to thank the former owner of this house for planting the bulbs for me!

March 2012 - 1

March 2012 - 7

The whole yard is in bloom!

March 2012 - 5

March 2012 - 3

Including the trees…

March 2012 - 6

March 2012 - 4

So excuse me while I go outside to enjoy the fresh air, the flowers and allergy season!


Spring Break…FOR MAMA!

Ha! Take that! I am getting Spring Break…


I’m not heading to any tropical locations where I can spend the days drunk and acting crazy and the nights drunk and stupid.

I’m spending my Spring Break at home…

Trying to catch up on the past 6 weeks of housekeeping fall out from my new job.

Yesterday was all about getting the cat to the vet for her shots and getting the house sprayed for bugs (gotta love the South!)…

Today is technically all about laundry…

A TON or two of laundry backpiles that have piled up here and there…

I’ve been missing clothes, but you know as well as I do that until my mini-chicks hit a couple of sizes bigger, my clothes won’t just up and walk away!

In the Accidental Household, I am the laundress (some assistance from the mini-chicks).

If it gets washed, I have had some part in it getting wet.

If it get’s dried, I have had some part of getting it into the dryer.

And, if it gets folded and put into your room, I either supervised, folded or carried the basket.

Now, whether it gets put away or not is something totally different. I tend to lose interest after it gets to a particular room…CURSE YOU, A.D.D.!

So, technically I’m washing clothes today, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

However, between me and you, what I’m really doing is throwing clothes from one machine to the other and reading in between loads! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

I could be doing the floors, I could be paying bills, I could be washing my car, but no! I’m taking the day off-ish and reading.

I have a stack of books, from work and the public library, just waiting for me to read them! They WANT me to read them! They NEED me to read them! And, on the off chance you think I am reading something intellectual…I’m not.

I’ve got some Lauren Child (yes, of Charlie and Lola fame), some Lisa Kleypas, some Diedre Martin, some Kasey Michaels, some J.D. Robb and some Ilona Andrews all waiting to say hello.

I’m not planning to leave this house, except to get the mail out of the box directly outside my door.

The kids normally go to After Care following school, and I have notes for them to come home on the bus to their house after school so I don’t have to go pick them up!

I know it’s strange to think of me having Spring Break while the kids are still in school, but I’m good with strange.

My house is so peaceful and quiet! I didn’t even turn on the television. The only noise I am hearing is the hummmmmm of my laptop fan (I haven’t started my laundry yet)

So, without further ado, I must bid you adieu so I can get to my reading laundry!
Sooooooooooooo nice!


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