Wacky Wednesday

Yes, it’s been awhile.

But it’s all good now! I’ve got a new laptop and life is happy!

So, for today’s feature, it is Wacky Wednesday!

Now, you need to guess, which outfit is the one for Wacky Wednesday?

Is it this one?

Wacky Wednesday 2012 -4

No, that was for for a Monday (sans the glasses).

Is it this outfit?

Wacky Wednesday 2012 -3

No…this was what she picked out for school picture day! I hope we can see her tights in the class picture! They are what makes this outfit AWESOME!

I know, how about this outfit?

Wacky Wednesday 2012 -2

If you guessed this one, you thought wrong! This was for a Thursday.

Let’s try this one?

Wacky Wednesday 2012 -1

Uh-uh…this one was just cute. She wore it on a Friday. (Pay no attention to the clutter on the counters)…

So, what DID she pick for Wacky Wednesday?

Wacky Wednesday 2012 -8

A pair of tights covered with a pair of inside out leggings, a backwards shirt, and…

Wacky Wednesday 2012 -7

…painted on freckles with a sticker on her nose (I have no idea what’s going on with her eyes in this picture). AND…

Wacky Wednesday 2012 -5

…mis-matched shoes.

Wacky Wednesday 2012 -6

She’s pretty happy with her outfit.

Baby has been planning it for weeks!

The outfits above are all things she picked out herself, with much thought. She thinks they are beautiful and in no way are they wacky. I’ve decided that so long as the clothes are appropriate for the occassion, to let her go ahead and wear whatever makes her happy. I have to wonder if she will grow up to be either an a.) fashion designer or a b.) stylist.

Should be fun to watch!