L-O-N-G Month Ahead

So, I ordered a new laptop.

It looks pretty!


I haven’t seen it in “real life,” just in cyber life.

I was going to go to a store and buy one, but Sissy said, “You’re killing me, Smalls!” and told me to order directly from the manufacturer.

I did what she said, because Smalls would not like to be responsible for killing Sissy..

I went to Dell, found what I wanted, spent an hour messing with all the little nuances acquainted with personalizing a laptop, got an AWESOME photo editing program and hit “BUY IT!”

*This is where I would have uploaded a cute little picture of my new laptop, but I can’t because this ISN”T MY COMPUTER!*

It said, “Ships Next Business Day!”

It doesn’t.

Dude, Dell LIED!

The cute switchable lid shipped.

The AWESOME photo editing program shipped.

The laptop should arrive, “On or before February 28, 2012.”

To say I’m frustrated would be an extreme exaggeration!

I got to “chat” with one of their customer care representatives.

This was actually quite funny, because this was his opening line:

Agent (Kanwar_R): “Welcome to Dell US Chat! My name is Rick and I will be your Customer Care Expert.

Dude, Kanwar is Rick!

I know there really isn’t anything funny about the guys name, maybe it’s just hysterical, frustrated brain talking, but I just starting laughing!

He was quite polite, but couldn’t quite grasp (or possibly care) that the website says one thing while they are sending me emails that say something quite different!

I told him I wanted some sort of recompense for this MONTH LONG wait for my new machine.

He was nice enough to give me a $25 gift certificate to be used on a future purchase.

‘Cuz, ya know I’m going to run right out and buy something else from them!

He was also nice enough to upgrade my shipping to “Overnight”…

I could just drive from Middle-of-Nowhere, TN to a store that sells computers (I don’t count Wally World), but then I would have wasted an hour trying to personalize my new laptop to just exactly what I wanted!

That and now I’ve got it in my head and the Ranger would tell you that once it’s in my head that’s the way it has to be!

So, I’ll be attempting to thrill you with my witty writings while awaiting my cute little laptop. I’ll be saving my photos for the new machine. Sorry.


4 thoughts on “L-O-N-G Month Ahead

  1. Awe, sorry that the laptop is being such a pain in the butt! Mine shipped pretty quickly when we ordered it, but we ordered a Toshiba and through Best Buy. With all the specs Dad, Uncle Tom, and Pap thought it “needed.” (My requirement? A word processor and ability to write papers.)

    What sort of photo editing equipment/software did you get? Do you have a tablet? (like hook up to computer use a pen with tablet, not the new funny kind that’s like a mini computer.) I have a super old wacom tablet that I love. Makes working on photos much easier. I also discovered that having appropriate software does too. That is to say, all my photoediting software is so old, that it no run right on windows 7.

    Good luck with the wait, and good job on getting your shipping upgraded and a free gift card! (And tell the girls I love them~)

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