Dearly Beloved, It Was a Pretty Laptop. I Will Miss It.

Why have I not posted lately?

Why have I been ignoring my blog?

I am going crazy.


A few months ago I lost my WiFi for a weekend and I thought I would cry!

Wait…I think I actually did cry?

But that was NOTHING!

N-O-T-H-I-N-G I say! Especially when compared to having my computer go *burp* and *sizzle* and then die.


This time I really did cry.

My motherboard crashed and burned.

My life was on that laptop! Well, my virtual life anyways.

Gone were nearly a year’s worth of research notes and an article.

Gone was two years worth of photos and blog posts.

Gone was my Curriculum Vitae!

The research article was already written and is being published as we speak. I was okay there.

A good many of my photos are either already on my blog, Flikr or SnapFish, and blog articles are already floating in cyberspace. I could survive that.

But my Curriculum Vitae! That one I sobbed over!

For those wondering exactly what that is, basically it is an extremely detailed resume that lists everything I’ve done professionally and academically. Mine was several pages long and took me several days to write. More importantly I was waiting for a link so I could attach it and send it to a university for a job.

But my Sissy gave me hope!


She’s super computer smart! That’s why she gets paid the BIG bucks to run an I.T. department!

Usually she tells me to step back while she fixes my computer remotely, but this time she said that my computer was dead, however, my hard drive could be saved!

I swear I hear the hallelujah chorus ringing somewhere!

She had me take it to this lovely place, it’s called a “computer repair shop,” where they took my hard drive out of the laptop and hooked it up to their laptop, then they took my portable hard drive and hooked it up to the same computer and BAM! 14 hours later they handed it to me with everything intact (except my laptop)!

It was kinda like watching a blood transfusion – from one body, through a machine and into the next body.

Did you know it costs almost the same amount of money to replace a motherboard as it costs to purchase an entirely NEW, yes I said NEW, computer?

In my case it does.

My old laptop has been recycled.

I am now on the look out for a new laptop.

I’m hoping this one lasts more than 2-years.

BTW, in case you were wondering. I never did have to re-send that Curriculum Vitae. Turns out they had one on file for a position I had already applied for! I got the job and I start next week! GO ME! I’m so very excited!


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