Goal 2: I Like’a Mah Coupons

So most of you know that I like a mah coupons. (If you didn’t know that, please refer to the tab above that reads, “Coupon Crazy”)

Okay, so it’s a little more than like…

…it’s L-O-V-E…

…it’s rather obsessive if you must know the truth.

Goal 2 this year is to save $1,000 (complete with Dr. Evil pinky to the corner of my mouth) through the use of coupons.
Don’t even ask what I’ll use that money for at the end of the year…

…it probably won’t last that long!

What I mean is that hope to NOT spend $1,000 on our groceries and household items using coupons so that the funds may be appropriated to a different item in the Accidental Family Budget…mainly those pesky things like clothes, shoes, trumpets and violins for two growing mini-chicks.

This may be more difficult than it sounds, ‘cuz I’m about to completely re-examine how I coupon. I’m supposed to be starting a new full-time job in a few weeks and with that new job will be a serious lack of time for me to be all OCD about my coupons!

Coupon stock

I’ll let you know how it goes!

And, as I add up my figures I’m going to include something that most articles and television shows fail to mention, the cost of the coupons themselves. There is almost always a cost involved (unless someone is kind enough to hand over their stash) whether it is for your Sunday newspaper, a clipping service or paper and ink for your printer. You also have to add in a cost for your time, as in the time it takes you to organize your coupons and shopping list. I’m not going to count the time I spend in the store doing my actual shopping, ‘cuz you have to know that with a job and a family there is very little time to spend in the actual store!

So, the idea is that I’ll keep you up to date on how I’m doing and you can feel free to join on the bandwagon in the hopes of beating me with your astounding savings! You don’t have to do all the extra math with me…I’m just a bit OCD that way…

So, week 1:

I have two weeks of coupons – One week I paid a service for whole inserts and paid $13 for 24 whole inserts (6 of each that was included in the newspaper that week) and the next week I paid $10 for 4 newspapers at the local grocery store. That brings me up to an expenditure of $23 for all of my current coupons.
I’ve been behind on my clipping and filing so I spent about 2 hours clipping my coupons out and organizing them. I did a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants shopping trip, and made it up as I went along so I’m not adding any cost there. Sooooo, let’s say I’m paying myself $7 an hour, that’s $14 on prep.

As for my actual savings, I shopped two stores this week – Walmart and Krogers.

Walmart is a little harder to figure out exactly, because I have to do the math myself and let’s face it, there’s a reason I’m a librarian and not a mathematician! Walmart does not double coupons, but I still managed to save $11.75.

Krogers is much more helpful! They will double coupons, offer eCoupons and have an incentive card to give “extra” savings. They also are kind enough to break down your purchases for you giving a nice little space to show what you saved and how. At Krogers this week, between coupons, eCoupons and my incentive card
I saved $47.60

Coupons $23
Time $14
Savings: Walmart – $11.75
Krogers – $47.60
Total: $22.35

Next week should prove to be a better savings week because I didn’t purchase any more coupons this week, and probably won’t next week either (unless the preview shows something I just can’t live without!)…


I’ve discovered that folding laundry with my children makes a good time for chatting with them one-on-one. While folding Big’s laundry we talked about school, boys, and how it isn’t fair that she has to fold her own clothes. While folding with Baby we talk about future play dates, princesses, and how great a folder she is.

This week Baby has also learned how to make frozen waffles, and that they don’t go in the microwave. I have learned that we need a pair of toaster tongs.

I wonder what will come up next?


2 thoughts on “Goal 2: I Like’a Mah Coupons

  1. What peaks my interest is what you might save by buying the store brand of a particular product. For instance, I’m in WalMart and I’ve got a .55 off for Windex. However it’s still cheaper to go with the Great Value brand window cleaner. This is why I don’t clip coupons. But I’m glad you do!

  2. Now, see if I didn’t need any glass cleaner, I would just put that coupon away and watch to see if it goes on sale at some point before it expires. Then I would use the coupon at a store that would double it OR I would take the ad with the sale price into WalMart and have them match the ad…Sometimes it works…sometimes it doesn’t.

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