Merry Festivus!

I’d say Christmas, but that was yesterday, so instead I’ll wish you a Merry Festivus! so that I can cover all those other holidays that fall in December…

Christmas was FAB! Thanks for asking!

We had been hoping to make it up to Pennsylvania to visit family and friends, but it just didn’t happen. We made due in Middle-of-Nowhere, TN. It has been a very quiet couple of days. Saturday, the Ranger was on call so we stuck around the house until it was time for church. Following church we did our traditional Pepperoni Pizza Christmas Eve meal. Take out pizza may not grant peace on earth, but it does grant peace in the Accidental Family as no one complains about not liking it. Pepperoni Pizza is a food group in our home.

I decided to use the opportunity of the girls ready for Christmas Eve Mass as a chance to take a couple of head shots for my Sissy. They looked pretty good!

Christmas 2011 001

The girls that is.

The photos themselves…eh…not so much…

I would like a couple of those iron stands that they used in the “OLD” days to help people hold their positions ‘cuz kids move…even BIG kids move!

This is what I ended up with…

Christmas 2011 002

Hair in the face, fake smiles.

Christmas 2011 003

Beautiful smile on Baby, Big is looking the wrong direction.

Christmas 2011 004

Can I just chop out that arm somehow? (Do you like my tablecloth backdrop?) Let’s move to the other room, ladies!

Christmas 2011 006

Baby is looking the wrong way, but has a beautiful smile. Big…I’m not sure exactly what’s with the face she’s making here.

Christmas 2011 007

And finally, nice smiles! I could crop out the turkey on the bookcase in the background, but the blur on Big? Not so sure about that?

However, I think this is my current favorite picture of the girls…

Christmas 2011 010

or maybe this one (taken 24 hours later while they are wearing the same exact clothes – can we all say, “MOTHER OF THE YEAR!”)

Christmas 2011 021

A nice quiet day, or two, or three…

I hope your holidays were just as nice and quiet.


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