Holy Halloween, Batman!

So, we just spent our second Halloween in Middle-of-Nowhere, Tennessee and it was pretty exhausting!

Turns out the realtor forgot to mention that our street is probably one of the most visited by Trick-or-Treaters in town! It’s to the point that they should probably close the street to traffic for the safety of the kids who spent the evening running from one porch to the next.

Last year we went through all of our 600 pieces of candy in literally 20 minutes. This year I decided to get a little bit more just to see I could make it last a little longer. We lasted nearly an hour with 920 pieces of candy! Pixie sticks to be precise…and, yes, I did give out more than one to each kid! Most of the time we had kids lined all the way out our walkway and down the sidewalk. I looked across the street and they were having the same problem as us. We just couldn’t pass it out fast enough!

Have you ever wondered what 920 pixie sticks would look like?

Pixie sticks

Now, ya know.

The candy was distributed by none other than Rapunzel…

Rapunzel 2011

(Who’s dress, I might add was GORGEOUS! and made by my Mama!)

Complete with the hair…

Rupunzel 3 2011

Which attacked her!

Rupunzel 2 2011

“AAAAARHHHH! MAMA! It’s got me!”

While Baby was having her bit of fun, Big dressed appropriately as the Cleopatra, or the Queen of Everything. Who decided on her costume because the Greek goddess was all sold out, and she did already have an Ankh necklace.

Cleo 2011

She was thinking about being Nepheret, but decided on Cleo instead. I’m wondering if it is just my child who would know the difference between the two?

Cleo 2 2011

So, another Halloween is done. We’ve added Rapunzel and Cleopatra to our costume closet. Big has picked all the cherry lollypops out of the candy, and the Great Pumpkin has come. Now…on to Thanksgiving!


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