Horsing Around

What is it about girls and horses?

They just seem to go together!

My girls aren’t immune.

They don’t exactly have “Horse Fever,” they don’t focus on books and movies about horses, they don’t have collections of horses they play with…

Horses 12 framed

But this past weekend we saw what happens when you put my children in close proximity to a real, LIVE horse!

Horses 17 retouched

Pure, unadulterated JOY!

They’ve been on little ponies before…you know the kind that just go in circles.

This was their first time on horses.

Big was invited to learn how to ride as part of her church youth group. Baby got to go ‘cuz we were driving.

We weren’t sure if Baby would get to even sit on a horse ‘cuz she’s not technically part of the youth group, but…

Someone took pity of a little girl who was looking at those horses like this…

Horses 11 cropped

And put her here…

Horses 13 - framed

Big won’t be barrel racing any time soon. She enjoyed it but wasn’t ready for more than one turn on a horse.

Baby on the other hand could possibly catch that “Horse Fever” if we encouraged it at all.

She may not look like it, but there’s a cowgirl in there just waiting to get out!

Baby meets bull - matted


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