Zooful Impressions – WW

I think one of my favorite parts of going to the zoo is watching my kids.

It’s almost like they’re meeting their long-lost relatives.

Baby did not disappoint on our trip to the Nashville Zoo a few weeks ago.

First she sees this fella

2Nashville zoo 5
(Please don’t ask me what it’s called…I couldn’t remember it at all!)

And she needed to demonstrate for me the horns…

2Nashville zoo 6

Then we moved onto the Elephants…

2Nashville Zoo9

And we got to see her version of a trunk…

2Nashville zoo 3

And then there were the flamingos

2Nashville zoo 4

These are Baby’s FAVORITE animals! As can be demonstrated by the her fabulous impression of them!

2Nashville zoo 7

And then there was the impression I was not expecting…

2Nashville zoo 1

“Hey, Mama! Do I look just like Ariel? Like a mermaid? This is just like a mermaid rock!”

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