I Put My Kindle on Overdrive and Loved It!

Okay, let’s go over what we know about this Mama.

  1. I am a librarian with a degree and everything
  2. I read…a lot.
  3. Refer to # 2.
  4. Wash, Rinse and Repeat.

When I first heard about the idea of eBooks, I was a bit leery.

I love books!

I love the feel of paper and how it shapes to my hands as I read the same book over and over again. It’s kind of like a pair of jeans that are stiff when you first buy them, but as you wear them they become a part of your body. Books are like that to me.

However, I also have this thing about technology. I really like it too!

Do you see my quandary?

For awhile I was indifferent, then I was leery, then I was in denial, then I was into full blown eReader envy, then I got one!

The Ranger surprised me with one last year with a Kindle for a birthday / graduation gift!

I was stuck in another quandary…my husband had listened and gone out of his way to purchase me this AMAZING gift and I was disappointed because, you see, I had been thinking about getting a Nook. However, please don’t think that I wasn’t anything less than thrilled with my Kindle!

My KindleMy KindleMy Kindle

The Kindle and the Nook are probably the two most competitive brands of eReaders, I’m not counting an iPad in this conversation because that’s a whole other she-bang!

I was thinking about getting a Nook mostly because it was more versatile – I could share my books and more importantly, I could borrow books from my local library! (The key phrase here being LIBRARY).

The Kindle had a vast number of titles available on their free collection shelves, but Amazon.com seemed to be a bit stingy about what it would allow the Kindle owners to download for free. I realize that it’s all about the money, they are a business who needs money to exist and if we can gets books for free then why would we want to pay them for their titles?

My KindleMy KindleMy Kindle

Amazon is my new best friend.

They have gotten over this whole money issue…

…sort of.

They worked out a deal with Overdrive (the main distributor of eBooks to public libraries in the United States) to allow Kindle owners to borrow eBooks from their local libraries!


When I was working at the Cresson Public Library we had just begun a contract with Overdrive to give our patrons 24 / 7 access to library materials. I played with the program so that I would be able to teach patrons how to access these titles from their home computers. It wasn’t that difficult, but you had to download a specific application onto your computer and download the book from the internet to your computer and then from your computer hard drive to your reader. And, every so often you need to go back onto the computer application and delete the title from your hard drive.

With my Kindle it literally took me 2 minutes to check out my title, click “download to Kindle,” which takes you to the Amazon.com website where you click “Download” and BAM! It shows up on your Kindle!

I’ve never downloaded anything easier except from Amazon.com itself!

I will definitely be using that particular application a whole lot more!

I have now recently spent time with both a Kindle (mine) and a Nook (another story), and I have to say I LOVE my Kindle so much better!

Now, I just need to get my itchy, honkin fingers on a Kindle Fire!

I have not recieved any money in return for my love and adoration of my Kindle. I just like it and like to talk about it! However, I would not be adverse if Kindle would like to gift me with a Kindle Fire to review for them! *hint*hint*hint*




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