The Weekend the WiFi Went Out in TN

I thought I had died and gone to H-E- Double Hockey Sticks.

My internet was gone…

completely GONE!

I had lost not just my WiFi, but my DSL connection.

I do not always ❤ AT&T.

There, I've said it.

The group / company that has so maligned me!

For 3 whole, WHOPPING days I was sans my internet and thus my Facebook, all 3 of my emails (YES! I really NEED 3 email addresses), Twitter, Google+, Pintrest (follow me, People, I’m pinning new things everyday!), and my Blog!

It was almost like walking around blind…total sensory deprivation!

There is free WiFi…but that would entail a whole lotta hoops, and let’s face it, I’m a Mama and it was the weekend so there wasn’t time for hoops.

So, my umbilical cord internet disappeared on Friday afternoon. We’ve had some connection issues so I thought, “No problem, it’ll be back in a few minutes.”

No. such. luck.

By Saturday afternoon I had tried two different modems numerous times, to no avail, and decided to put on my Big Girl Pannies and make the call to the AT&T helpline. Sigh. I DESPISE that automated voice that say, “Press 1 for _____, Press 2 for _____.” It just makes me want to pull my hair out (and frankly these days I don’t have that much to spare!).

The very nice young man tried to sell me a land line.

He didn’t want to believe that I already had one.

Since last JUNE!

And, since I wasn’t calling about my telephone line I was a bit annoyed with the line of conversation!

Then the very nice young man went through the “Idiot List” of
1. Did you make sure the power was on? Duh.
2. Do you have a telephone hooked up to the same line as the modem?
“Yes, and it is working fine.”
3. Are you using a filter? Duh.
4. Did you disconnect the line, shut down the modem and restart it?
“Why, yes, I did. Several times. With 2 different modems.”

He then proceeded to check the DSL Channel from his happy little computer that WAS connected to the internet. “Are you sure that the modem is connected to the jack?” he asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Hmmmmmmm…” he continued. “I’m not showing any DSL line. I’ll have to send a technician out to take a look at the earliest convenience!”

Apparently his definition of “earliest convenience” and mine are two different things. ‘Cause I thought my earliest convenience was right then. His idea was Monday afternoon. Sigh.

The technician guy DID come. He was very nice. He couldn’t find the DSL Channel at all. He went back to the office and turns out the card there was bad. I wasn’t the only poor sole without my internet all weekend. Turns out there were about 20 of us. Maybe we should have started a support group.

I often wonder when I got to the point that I need a support group when I lose my internet connection.
I mean really, I was born into a world where it did not exist.

Yes…I’m that old.

And now here I sit with my laptop on, well, my lap while I try desperately to catch up on my blog reader, emails, facebook stories, and twitter feeds…and celebrity gossip.

Life is good.


6 thoughts on “The Weekend the WiFi Went Out in TN

  1. have we talked about where in western TN you live? cuz if we have, i’m an idiot and i apologize for forgetting.

    we’ve had some power outages recently, and for no good reason, but we’re talking a matter of hours at most.

    totally gives me the shakes. 😉

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