Not Tootin’ My Own Horn – WW

Life is getting difficult.

Big is getting bigger.

Is it just me, or do those two things kinda go together?

I mean really, she IS 11 now.

She is getting picky about her clothes.

Not too much, but enough that it is throwing me for a loop.

In the past I could just hand her clothes, she puts them on and we go along our merry way!

She’s starting to develop her own style, and I’m okay with that!


This is Spirit Week at her school.

Monday was college colors day.

We just couldn’t get her into the colors of ANY university / college her parents attended…we HAD those colors – Sorry WAZZU, Whatcom, Western, Clarion, and IUP!

Dude! I went to four colleges / universities! Dang!

She chose Pitt at least it wasn’t Penn State

She decided to wear a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans.


Tuesday was Tie-Dye Day and she wore a Tie-Dyed T-shirt.


Today is Years Day.

She was supposed to wear an outfit that represented a decade of the 20th century.

Initially she wanted a Poodle skirt.

I could have made that, but she would never wear it again.

I nixed that one.

I thought she should be from the 1970’s or 80’s.

I went and got her a pair of jeans from the Salvy (my favorite costume shop).

I got a patch from Wally’s.

September 2011 025

And a T-shirt from my Mama direct from the 1970’s!

Big was disappointed.

EVERYONE else was being a 1970’s girl.

So, that is why I found myself back at Wally’s at 9 p.m. desperately searching for a pair of black pants.

Big decided to be from the 1930’s…

Years Day 7 - revised

a Jazz musician from the 1930’s.

Years Day 3 - revised

She got a button down from the closet.

She got a vest from Baby’s costume box.

And asked me for black slacks.

We didn’t have any.

I went to Wally’s.

Because I realized how I had goofed up, I decided to make it up by throwing in a cool hat!

So, she’s a Jazz musician with a cool hat, black slacks, button down shirt, vest…

Years Day 10 - revised

and trumpet!

Years Day 2 - retouched

Today I have been participating in Wordful Wednesday with
parenting BY dummies


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