We’ve been invaded.

When we moved to Middle-of-Nowhere, TN we moved into a cute little house IN TOWN.

Key phrase here is “IN TOWN.”

I grew up outside of town so the thought of delivery pizza and the grocery store a mere 3 minutes away was too much to resist!

We have discovered that we may be “IN TOWN” but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our share of wildlife.

We have more squirrels than we can count, we’ve named them all George and Henry so we don’t get confused.

It’s not unusual to be driving down the road an be in the middle of conversation only to have someone stop and yell “SQUIRREL!” before they drop back into normal conversation.

What can I say, we like the movie Up!

The squirrels, however, are not our BIG problem.

This is our problem.

Bandit 1 - retouch

I call him Bandit.

We first discovered Bandit when we found him stuck in our trash can.

He has since decided that our back porch is the local diner.

It’s not.

We try to feed the cats just enough for them to eat right then, so there is no extra food left.

The idea is that if there is no food, he will go away.

We sometimes go several days without seeing him.



There he is!

What is dangerous is that he comes out in the middle of the day…

While the girls are playing in the backyard.

He walks right by them and when they turn to go into the house, there he is on our porch!

We know when this happens, because the girls then run screaming all the way around the house and come in the front door so they can run through the house and watch Bandit through the back door glass.

What happens more often is that we pull into our backyard IN TOWN and there is Bandit on our porch eating the food we had put out just before we left and Hazel is there just glaring at it.

Needless to say,

Hazel 2 - Retouched

Hazel is supposed to be here, and she, grudgingly, shares her porch with Cooper…

Cooper 3 - retouched

But she draws the line at Bandit.

Bandit 2 - retouched

And, frankly, so do we.

Any other ideas on how to get rid of this little pest? (Other than shooting it).




2 thoughts on “Bandit

  1. He’s actually kinda cute… I’d suggest a live trap, but that probably won’t work if you have cats, because you’ll be just as likely to catch them instead.

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