The Difference a Year Makes – WW

We had some visitors over Labor Day weekend and it just happened to coincide with Big’s Birthday. I was watching Big and her BFF and couldn’t help but flash back to one of my favorite photos EVER

Friends 2011 - retouch

This photo is of Big and her BFF taken almost a year ago. It was taken on a trip to a DelGrosso’s Amusement Park (aka Bland’s Park) in PA just before we moved to TN. It was snapped as we were leaving the park, all thoughts of the big move had been pushed out of their heads by roller coasters, flying ships and funnel cakes. They were laughing as we walked back to the car, giggling and relishing in being 10.

This was the last HURRAH! so to speak.

Over the last year Big and her BFF have kept in touch.

They write letters to each other.

The real kind of letters that have envelopes and stamps and everything! For her birthday last year the BFF received a web camera so they can SKYPE. (Now there’s a sight to behold for reasons I’ll share another time).

Lucky for Big, her BFF is the daughter of my PiC (Partner in Crime).

And, when I wasn’t able to get back to PA, PA came to us.

So, here we are a year later, and Big and her BFF were together again.



Relishing being 11.

Friends 2011 - redo

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16 thoughts on “The Difference a Year Makes – WW

  1. Keep up the photos into the teen years! I call myself Mamarazzi and my kids love to hate my constant photobugging… but I love them so much I can’t stand not clicking away!

    Visiting from #commenthour – Love your blog!

    • I like it! The Mamarazzi! That’s great! Baby doesn’t mind the camera so much, but Big just glares at me when I pull it out. I don’t care though, I know she’ll want to see the pictures when she’s grown up and be all disappointed if all the pictures were of her sister… Thanks for stopping by!

  2. i LOVE the shots of the BFF’s! these totally remind me of being 11 with my BFF, the year she moved away. wish we had had Skype – but i am SO glad to hear they are sending real letters! how special for them! #commenthour

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