Skating through Sunday

Oh, I got a brand new pair of roller skate,
you got a brand new key

Ahhh…roller skates…

Remember those things?

Not the streamlined things with all the wheels in a roll!

You know, those klunky things that look like someone glued a 4×4 to your feet!



I was a rather uncoordinated child (surprising, huh), but for some reason I could manage better on skates than I could in my plain old shoes.

I have fond memories of skating with friends and family at the Ferndale rink and later at the Lynden rink.

My sister and I had roller skates at home and we would often be found roller skating through the mold warehouse at my Granny’s ceramic shop (I wonder if she ever found out about that).

Let’s just say we could have lived on skates and been perfectly happy!

Then, the unthinkable happened.

I blame the Crazy Trio.

I mean really, who could turn down a Crazy Trio?

For those of you not in the know, Crazy Trio is basically a game of crack the whip with groups of three skaters. Everyone goes one direction, a whistle blows and you turn and go the opposite direction without letting go. And let me tell you, the momentum from the speed you are going does not make it easy! But it is soooooo much fun, or at least it was.

It was a September evening in 1989.

Eons ago.

I was skating a Crazy Trio with my Sissy and Ryan.

The whistle blew, Ryan was in the middle and was trying to help us to turn, he lost his balance and went down and I tripped over him and WIPED out! Not only did I wipe out, I crashed and BuRnEd!

I later found out (from a sports doctor) that the reason I was having knee trouble was because in that fall I managed to push my knee cap from its normal location to one on the OTHER side of my knee joint! Basically it went from 12 o’clock to 4 o’clock.



The jest of this story is not supposed to deter you from roller skating.

Quite the opposite!

I was thrilled when we moved here to find that roller skating was alive and well in Middle-of-Nowhere, TN!

This last week was Big’s birthday and she wanted to go roller skating.

So, we did.

I checked my health insurance,

And, I took my girls to the rink,

Got them some skates (and then took them to the counter to get them tightened),

And strapped some onto my own HONKIN feet!

I think my feet actually tingled with excitement!

I think they sighed with satisfaction as I tied those laces!

I had a few iffy moments at first, but once I hit the boards…


It was 1989, my hair had a bad perm, my jeans were pegged, I was listening to Boy George and hoping that dark, eyed boy who came with me would ask me to skate couples.

Then the mood was broken by, “MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM! Look at me” by a voice that could only belong to my child.

So I turned and this is what I saw:

Baby skating 9-11-11 reworked

I think I’m creating a monster.


I spent the afternoon telling the kiddos:

“Don’t hang onto the wall.”

“You don’t have to lift your feet, just put your weight on one foot and then switch to the other.”

“If you can’t stop, aim for the padded wall!”


“If you are falling fast, don’t just grab me ’cause I’ll fall too!”

This last bit of advice came too late.

I am now the proud owner of a bruise on my arm that stretches from my arm pit to my elbow ’cause Baby grabbed me without warning when she was going down.

I can’t wait to go back!


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