If You Give a Big a Camera – WW

This past weekend the family and I decided to do a bit more exploring of Tennessee.

We packed a picnic lunch (Baby was a bit miffed that I wouldn’t throw in a blanket ’cause you KNOW that a blanket is a necessity in picnicing), sprayed down everyone with bug repellant, grabbed sturdy shoes (a story unto itself), a camera and headed out to explore – destination New Johnsonville!

Now, New Johnsonville itself wasn’t the destination; rather the New Johnsonville State Park.

It was here that I handed Big her camera and told her to go to town.

So, todays Wordful / Wordless Wednesday photos are courtesy of her and her camera (with the exception of one or two pictures).

I’m not sure what it is about kids and cameras, but for some reason they seem to find the posterior of any person in the vicinity and with a shriek of giggles they run from one person to the next gleefully snapping pictures of people bottoms.

Now when I was growing up I thought the word BUTT was a swearword (seriously). My children don’t have that problem.

First, *WARNING* Wide Screen May Be Needed. This is the end of your public service announcement. You may now return to reading this post.

But(t) pictures 1

“Mama! I just took a picture of your butt!”

“Hey, Dadddy! Come here and look at this!” and while the poor man is taking in the glorious scenery, CLICK! *Giggles* *Hysterical laughter*

But(t) pictures 4

“Mama” *snicker* *giggle* *snort* *whisper* “I just took a picture of Daddy’s butt! Now, take a picture of mine, okay?”

But(t) pictures 3

And, Baby, who couldn’t possibly be left out just HAD to have a picture taken of her butt!

But(t) pictures 2

Over the years it seems that my family has taken hundreds of butt pictures. I recall photos from a trip to Disneyland when I was around 13 when all the pictures seemed to be of people walking away. So, I guess I learned from the best and, now, here I am passing down the tradition of the butt picture to Big. Of course, she needs to work on it a little, but(t) I think it will come in time.

Butt picture 5

I think I’ve gotten better at it.

Today I have been participating in Wordless / Wordful Wednesday with Parenting By Dummies
parenting BY dummies
and Live and Love Outloud
Live and Love...Out Loud


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