The Little Dude

In the tippiest top of the highest tree in a National Park in Tennessee there lives a family of Bald Eagles.

These creatures have a nest where there is a Mama, a Daddy and 2 babies.

These babies are STINKIN’ HUGE!

This is a National Park and there are always people around.

This isn’t to say they’re tame…

…were talking WILD ANIMALS, people!

A couple months ago the Ranger noticed that one of the baby eagles (the Little Dude) had a habit of sitting by the side of the road.

Little Dude 5

Not the safest location for a baby eagle (even if it is the size of a small child).

He also noticed the parents were no longer caring for it.

Poor Little Dude.

The Ranger called one of the specialists at Reelfoot Lake who came looked at it and took it back to the sanctuary for some rehabilitation.

A few weeks ago the Little Dude came back to the park.

He spent the day at the top of a tree being annoyed by a mocking bird.

I felt like I was playing “Where’s Waldo” trying to find it for a picture.

Do you see my problem?

Little Dude 5


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