A Girl, A Grand and a Nook – WW

Today I am participating in Wordless / Wordful Wednesday with Parenting BY Dummies and several other fabulous blogging ladies

The title of this post is not quite what you think…
This Grand does not equal $1,000 and this Nook is not an e-Reader.
This post is about what happens when My Mama (the GRANDma) and My Daddy (the GRANDpa) came to town for a few WEEKS.

Girls & Grands

When we moved into our new house in TN, we purposely bought a house we could just vaccuum and move into – i.e. NO painting and NO renovations needed. The only change I have wanted to make was to turn Big’s closet into a Reading Nook.

See, Big has never had a closet in her room. We’ve always lived in old houses (I’m talking 80-100 years) and back in the day, most average houses did not have closets, they used wardrobes or pegs to hand their clothes.

We’ve never had to deal with the idea that there was something making creepy noises in the closet.

Until now.

Big is nearly 11 and we are just now dealing with the whole spooky closet thing. The closet hasn’t even been opened except to shove another box or two into it!

The closet was a semi-walk-in with double doors AND no pole.

I had a SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT IDEA (for reference these ideas are usually met with looks of dread from the Ranger, ’cause they typically are better ideas in the mind than in actuality) we would incorporate the closet into the room and give Big somewhere to store her books!

I told My Mama this idea and she agreed that it was brilliant! (I get my propensity for SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT IDEAS from My Mama, My Daddy gets that same look of dread as the Ranger).

Big thought it was a pretty great idea too! (Her future husband will most likely learn to dread those ideas too).

So, the Grands came to visit and by the time they left an unuseable space had become a haven for a pre-teen.

Nook in progress

became this
the finished nook

the nook finished

FYI – My child takes after her parents and her books are organized into Fiction and Non-Fiction and subject matter. Makes me proud! I guess this is what happens when your Mama is a librarian.

And this young girl
Painting the nook

became this pre-teen
stocking the nook

There wasn’t enough room for all her books in the Nook, so these got added in the hallway
the bookcase
(There are still two more boxes of books that need to be shelved).

And, since you can’t put Baby in a corner, Baby got to get her paint on too and splash some in her room!
Baby's mirror

We also found this really cool mirror in the attic that some past residents left behind and decided to add it to her room. It was probably a mistake though, it takes her much, MUCH longer to get dressed in the morning.

The Nook is FABULOUS! Big spends a lot of time there and it is not unusual for her to have to evict Baby from her bench so that she can have it to herself.

the nook bench

At some point we might have to put the doors back on the closet and use it for her clothes, but for now when I can’t find my older child I just peek my head in and there she is curled up with a book.


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