If You Give a Big a Camera – WW

This past weekend the family and I decided to do a bit more exploring of Tennessee.

We packed a picnic lunch (Baby was a bit miffed that I wouldn’t throw in a blanket ’cause you KNOW that a blanket is a necessity in picnicing), sprayed down everyone with bug repellant, grabbed sturdy shoes (a story unto itself), a camera and headed out to explore – destination New Johnsonville!

Now, New Johnsonville itself wasn’t the destination; rather the New Johnsonville State Park.

It was here that I handed Big her camera and told her to go to town.

So, todays Wordful / Wordless Wednesday photos are courtesy of her and her camera (with the exception of one or two pictures).

I’m not sure what it is about kids and cameras, but for some reason they seem to find the posterior of any person in the vicinity and with a shriek of giggles they run from one person to the next gleefully snapping pictures of people bottoms.

Now when I was growing up I thought the word BUTT was a swearword (seriously). My children don’t have that problem.

First, *WARNING* Wide Screen May Be Needed. This is the end of your public service announcement. You may now return to reading this post.

But(t) pictures 1

“Mama! I just took a picture of your butt!”

“Hey, Dadddy! Come here and look at this!” and while the poor man is taking in the glorious scenery, CLICK! *Giggles* *Hysterical laughter*

But(t) pictures 4

“Mama” *snicker* *giggle* *snort* *whisper* “I just took a picture of Daddy’s butt! Now, take a picture of mine, okay?”

But(t) pictures 3

And, Baby, who couldn’t possibly be left out just HAD to have a picture taken of her butt!

But(t) pictures 2

Over the years it seems that my family has taken hundreds of butt pictures. I recall photos from a trip to Disneyland when I was around 13 when all the pictures seemed to be of people walking away. So, I guess I learned from the best and, now, here I am passing down the tradition of the butt picture to Big. Of course, she needs to work on it a little, but(t) I think it will come in time.

Butt picture 5

I think I’ve gotten better at it.

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The Little Dude

In the tippiest top of the highest tree in a National Park in Tennessee there lives a family of Bald Eagles.

These creatures have a nest where there is a Mama, a Daddy and 2 babies.

These babies are STINKIN’ HUGE!

This is a National Park and there are always people around.

This isn’t to say they’re tame…

…were talking WILD ANIMALS, people!

A couple months ago the Ranger noticed that one of the baby eagles (the Little Dude) had a habit of sitting by the side of the road.

Little Dude 5

Not the safest location for a baby eagle (even if it is the size of a small child).

He also noticed the parents were no longer caring for it.

Poor Little Dude.

The Ranger called one of the specialists at Reelfoot Lake who came looked at it and took it back to the sanctuary for some rehabilitation.

A few weeks ago the Little Dude came back to the park.

He spent the day at the top of a tree being annoyed by a mocking bird.

I felt like I was playing “Where’s Waldo” trying to find it for a picture.

Do you see my problem?

Little Dude 5

A Girl, A Grand and a Nook – WW

Today I am participating in Wordless / Wordful Wednesday with Parenting BY Dummies and several other fabulous blogging ladies

The title of this post is not quite what you think…
This Grand does not equal $1,000 and this Nook is not an e-Reader.
This post is about what happens when My Mama (the GRANDma) and My Daddy (the GRANDpa) came to town for a few WEEKS.

Girls & Grands

When we moved into our new house in TN, we purposely bought a house we could just vaccuum and move into – i.e. NO painting and NO renovations needed. The only change I have wanted to make was to turn Big’s closet into a Reading Nook.

See, Big has never had a closet in her room. We’ve always lived in old houses (I’m talking 80-100 years) and back in the day, most average houses did not have closets, they used wardrobes or pegs to hand their clothes.

We’ve never had to deal with the idea that there was something making creepy noises in the closet.

Until now.

Big is nearly 11 and we are just now dealing with the whole spooky closet thing. The closet hasn’t even been opened except to shove another box or two into it!

The closet was a semi-walk-in with double doors AND no pole.

I had a SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT IDEA (for reference these ideas are usually met with looks of dread from the Ranger, ’cause they typically are better ideas in the mind than in actuality) we would incorporate the closet into the room and give Big somewhere to store her books!

I told My Mama this idea and she agreed that it was brilliant! (I get my propensity for SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT IDEAS from My Mama, My Daddy gets that same look of dread as the Ranger).

Big thought it was a pretty great idea too! (Her future husband will most likely learn to dread those ideas too).

So, the Grands came to visit and by the time they left an unuseable space had become a haven for a pre-teen.

Nook in progress

became this
the finished nook

the nook finished

FYI – My child takes after her parents and her books are organized into Fiction and Non-Fiction and subject matter. Makes me proud! I guess this is what happens when your Mama is a librarian.

And this young girl
Painting the nook

became this pre-teen
stocking the nook

There wasn’t enough room for all her books in the Nook, so these got added in the hallway
the bookcase
(There are still two more boxes of books that need to be shelved).

And, since you can’t put Baby in a corner, Baby got to get her paint on too and splash some in her room!
Baby's mirror

We also found this really cool mirror in the attic that some past residents left behind and decided to add it to her room. It was probably a mistake though, it takes her much, MUCH longer to get dressed in the morning.

The Nook is FABULOUS! Big spends a lot of time there and it is not unusual for her to have to evict Baby from her bench so that she can have it to herself.

the nook bench

At some point we might have to put the doors back on the closet and use it for her clothes, but for now when I can’t find my older child I just peek my head in and there she is curled up with a book.

Obey? Yeah, Right! – Writer’s Workshop

Today I am participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop with writing prompt #5 – I sometimes laugh when I’m uncomfortable…or being yelled…or in church…or at a funeral. Write about a time when you laughed at an inappropriate time.

The first time I met most of my in-laws was the day before I got married.

They thought I was crazy.

They might have been right.

I met the Ranger while doing an internship in Pennsylvania (3,000 miles away from home). I was “allowed” to go on the condition I didn’t fall in love, get married and move there. Well, I always figured my parents got off easy when I was a teenager, so I rebelled in my mid-20’s.

We got married in the little church that I grew up in, a nice little PROTESTANT church. (This becomes important later). We got married the Saturday before Easter. Our rehearsal was held on Good Friday.

All was going great with the rehearsal until the minister got to the word “Obey.” I insisted this word be included in our vows, not the Ranger.

He knew better.

I went hysterical…LAUGHING! I laughed so hard that I had tears rolling down my face! I laughed for a good 10 minutes while the poor Ranger looked on helplessly! The poor guy thought I was going to call the whole thing off with his entire family standing there, having flown 3,000 miles for the occassion!

The next day at the actual ceremony everyone who had seen the spectacle the night before held their breath waiting to see if I would have a repeat performance. I held it in.

I always chalked it up to nerves. I just had to get those nerves out and was able to go on with life!

I thought.

Flash forward a couple years – we are living in Pennsylvania, Big is 2, we have started attending the local Catholic church – my mother-in-law was THRILLED!

Did I mention that my husband had been raised Catholic?

Did you know that if you aren’t married by a Catholic priest, the Catholic Church does not recognize your marriage?

Did I mention we were married by an Assembly of God Minister?

So, we decided to have a small ceremony to reaffirm our marriage vows with a Catholic priest who didn’t require me to convert. We had to go through pre-cana classes (pre-marriage classes). We could have taught those classes.

All was great until in the middle of the ceremony when the priest said that magical word, “Obey.” And, it started with giggles which built to a full-blown fit of laughter. About 5-minutes later I had pulled myself together and we were able to finish the ceremony.

The next day the priest pulled the Ranger aside and offered to have our marriage annulled.

Well, it has been another 9 years since that ceremony and we’re still going strong!

We just don’t use the word “Obey” unless it is in regard to our children.

Wedding photo

A Foot Bath – WW

I’m back!
Did you miss me?
I missed you!
I’ve been pretty busy the last couple of weeks. My Mama and My Daddy came to visit. It was pretty cool! But, that’s not what this post is about and I’m working on tangents – as in not going off on one.

Today I’m participating in Wordful / Wordless Wednesday with Parenting By Dummies. I haven’t participated lately, but hoping that now that the kiddos are back in school, life will get back to the same ol’ routine…but no promises.

The South has been hit by an epic heat wave, let’s remember I was raised for torrential downpours, learned how to live through several feet of snow and am just now learning what heat really is. It has been too hot to even go to the swimming pool! So, we pulled out the sprinkler and Baby went to town!

Well, rather, she got creative…

Baby foot bath 4

Baby foot bath 2

Baby foot bath 1

She’s nothing if not resourceful!