Beware the Shy One

This is my shy child. The one in the center…trying to sleep.

Jungle Book 1

There are people in our immediate family who has only seen Baby open her mouth to eat.

Jungle Book - 9

She didn’t really talk to anyone except the Ranger, Miss Mandy, Big and myself until she was 4.

I think her Grandmother thought she should have seen a specialist.

She went an entire year of Pre-K without ever actually speaking to her teacher!

However, she has gotten over that.

Jungle Book 6


She still doesn’t talk to Tom unless she has to.

When she found out there was a play of the Jungle Book here she wanted to go see it.

When she found out the cast was all going to be kids, she wanted to be in it!

“Mama, can I do that?” She asked.

Are you sure? I asked her.


And for weeks all she could talk about was trying out for that play!

So, I found myself sitting in a theater one Saturday a few weeks ago watching her stand center stage auditioning for the director.

Jungle Book 12

Looking at Baby on stage, I was amazed. This was my shy child?!?

Jungle Book 13

How was it? I asked her.

“GREAT!” she replied.

Were you scared?


So this weekend is her big debute. She is a vulture. She was afraid she’d look like a pigeon, but then I pointed out there are no pigeons in the Jungle Book.

Jungle Book 15

She has one line.


Jungle Book - 11

Seriously, that’s her line.


Oh, and she gets to be on stage for the entire play! That’s her favorite part. She gets to do all the dances and stand on stage!

She’s already asking about doing another one. She’s hooked!

Look out Oscars! Here comes Baby!

It’s always the shy ones, isn’t it?


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