Playing in the Rain

Holy heat wave, Batman!
It’s been hotter than hot here in the-Middle-of-Nowhere Tennessee!
Today was 100 on the thermometer, but there was an actual temp of 110!

I took the kids to the pool today, and I jumped in for a few minutes to cool off…
…it was like swimming in a lukewarm tub!
I should’a known better, after all the radio gave the surface temperature of a nearby lake as being 84 degrees!


I wasn’t raised for heat!
I was raised in the foothills of the North Cascades!
I was raised for RAIN!

I think Big was raised for rain too.
Last week I was going to take the girls to the pool when the clouds rolled in, the lightning flashed and the thunder boomed!
To say that Big was disappointed would have been an understatement.
To say that Big whined about her disappointment would have been an understatement.

So, I did what every Mama in her right mind would do!
I sent her out to play in the rain! (I waited until the thunder and lightning were gone).

Big in the Rain 8

Big in the Rain 9

Big in the Rain 10

Big in the Rain 11

Big in the Rain 12

She got soaked!
But I think she had fun.
I love to watch her laugh…


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