How I Organize Coupons Delightfully (OCD)

My husband should be considered a saint.

If I were the Pope I would give him Pre-Sainthood.


Because he puts up with me and my OCD coupons.

“Honey! Why didn’t you tell me you were going to stop and
pick that up? I have a coupon!”

I already told you that I coupon.   How
I Coupon Like a (Kinda) Sane Person

I told you where I get my coupon inserts.   Coupons
– Insert Here

Today, we are going to talk about how I organize my coupons
OCD style.

When I first started to coupon, EONS ago, I went to the
Dollar Tree and picked up a little accordion envelope thingy that had little
slots to put my coupons in.

I liked it okay.

It fit in my purse.

When I had kids, it fit in the diaper bag.

The problem with those accordion thingies?

They sometimes “lose” coupons.

They tear.

I moved up to a spiral bound booklet holder.

I liked it!

The coupons stood up! I could see them much better!

It fit in my purse…

…along with fifty million other things that go into purses
when your kids graduate from a diaper bag to your purse.

So a few months ago I was watching that couponing show on
TLC (you know the one) and I heard the angels singing the hallelujah chorus
when that lady pulled out her coupon organizer!

It was a BINDER! With special sheets that held coupons in
clear pockets where you could see each and every coupon she owned!

My little OCD heart did a pitty pat!

It was so beautifully organized!

I had a quest!

I immediately set out to find those holder thingies!

Turns out they are baseball card holders.

I bought’em on

They look beautiful in my new binder with all my coupons in
pretty little rows!

(This is where I would normally insert a photo, but
wordpress isn’t allowing any of my pictures right now due to technical
difficulties, so, use your imagination!)

Basically I took a plain 3-ring binder that I bought at
Wally World.

Put in some page separators and started adding the (wait for
it) clear coupon pocket sheets!

(Did you just hear the –Aaaaahhhhhhhsssss! – I think I did)…

I labeled each section with the following basics:









Personal Care



It is a beautiful thing.

When I check the blogs to see what specials there are at the
stores I shop, I just flip through my binder, pull out the coupons I want (cuz I can see’em and they are right there!) and stick
them in envelopes that correspond with the store so I’ll be ready for
shopping!  (My next couponing blog will
be all about the websites I use to find the deals!)

Sadly, my coupons are better organized than my filing

I promise I will post
a picture when I get over my technical difficulties!!!




2 thoughts on “How I Organize Coupons Delightfully (OCD)

    • In the Middle of Nowhere, TN, it’s either or a 90 minute drive. I choose the easier route…HA! I think you can also get them at Hobby Lobby and anywhere they sell hobby supplies. I want some of the long flat ones for the bigger coupons! OOOHHHH!!!!

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