Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge Week 2: Refreshing

Today I am participating in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge with Live and Love…Out Loud and Project Alicia – the subject is Refreshing.

Ahhhh…heat waves….

Glorious heat waves…

It’s not even summer yet and we’ve consistently had a real temperature over 100 degrees.

This stinks.

There is a community pool nearby, and if you’ve been my blog, you’ve seen pictures of these adventures.

But at home…we have some air conditioning, ceiling fans, and…

A Hose!

We are trying not to waste too much water, but it’s hard not to…

Especially when you are watering your flowers!

We try to water the flowers every night!

It helps them grow!

Maybe that’s why none of Big’s clothes fit anymore…


20 thoughts on “Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge Week 2: Refreshing

  1. We’ve had some really hot days already too. Temps actually reached over 90 degree on the last day of May. It’s hard to adjust when it was snowing in April, but I’d take 90 degrees over snow any day!

    Hope you enjoy your summer. Playing in the water looks fun!

    • They do love the hose! We water in the evening so it cools them off quite nicely for the evening to come! We’re trying to move them away from the hose and to squirt guns in order to try to save a little more water…silly children!

  2. Amazing photos! Sorry I’m just now getting over here to visit. Had a busy weekend and I’m just now able to take a few moments to visit everyone.

    I love the action in these photos! It’s amazing how many of us picked water as refreshing and next weeks theme is water…what will we do next?

    A hose and kids make a very refreshing summer! Mine loves the hose!

  3. my mom was watering the yard the other day…
    it made me want to go run out with my son and play in it..
    but we were leaving…
    that would have been great fun pictures!!!

  4. What a fun and refreshing way to cool off caring for the flowers! I don’t blame them for getting in on all that water fun. And by the way, I love your little girl’s pink gloves. Too cute!
    Thanks for joining Alicia and I for the Crazy Days of Summer photo challenge. I hope you’ll come back again next week when we tackle a new theme: WATER. 🙂

    • Well, thanks for having me! As for the gloves, that child has her own sense of style and a former babysitter who works for Hot Topic…I’m hoping her school develops a uniform code by the time she hits high school otherwise her Daddy might just send her to the nuns. 😉

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