Crazy Days of Summer Week One: Flowers

Today I am participating in the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge with Live and Love…Out Loud! You can find a link on the side panel of my blog.

Around our house right now flowers are in a transitional phase. The gorgeous flowers of the spring have gone, the flowers in the planters are just getting started and the mums are starting to bloom.

However, when I was taking pictures for this blog post I noticed that the neighbor had some pretty, darn gorgeous something or others growing alongside his garage…

I have no idea what kind of flowers these are, but I just loved how they looked next to the white siding of the garage.

We haven’t been in our house for an entire year so we are still discovering what grows up around us as the seasons pass. This was a delightful discovery. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


12 thoughts on “Crazy Days of Summer Week One: Flowers

  1. Uh…they grew by the first PA house you lived in…although I know you are probably trying to block those years from your collective memory.

    • I knew those things looked familiar, although the ones in PA house #1 only seemed to be pretty for a day or two…And, you are too funny, Regis…too funny…
      for those wondering about the sarcasm… Regis= the Ranger

  2. Those day lillies are gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to plant some in my yard as well, but I’m afraid they’d die. Plus, if I plant lillies in my yard, my husband will never buy them for me again. lol
    Thanks so much for joining us for our Crazy Days of Summer photo challenge. I’d love for you to come back and join us again next week. The theme will be “refreshing.”

    • Thank-you so very much for stopping by! Apparently (as the Ranger pointed out to me) we had those planted around our rental house when we first got married and for about 2 weeks of the year they were gorgeous and for the rest of the year they looked like overgrown grass. But, I just LOVE lillies! I think they are one of my favorite flowers ever, especially when my husbnd buys them for me! 😉

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