How I Coupon Like a (kinda) Sane Person

Have I mentioned I’m slightly OCD?

Well, SURPRISE!, I am.

I’m not the type of OCD that has to wash my hands over and over, nor do I touch my food to my chin before eating it (okay, so maybe occasionally, but not that much!).

I’m the type of OCD that tends to have to do certain things in a certain order, especially when I grocery shop (or decorate a Christmas tree).

I always start in the same place in the store, I always shop for my groceries in the same order, items are organized in the cart by size, container and content, and they go on the conveyor belt for checkout in a specific order (heavy stuff up front and smushables in the back) with like items grouped together.

There is very little as frustrating to me as shopping with my children in tow – a not just ’cause they whine and pick at each other – in this case it’s ’cause they do things like grab the bread by squeezing it in the middle then putting it just behind some bottle of something that is most likely going to fall over on smushing it even more.

However, I digress…I am a checkers dream, until I get out my coupons.

I like my coupons, I LOVE my coupons!

You might be thinking that I’ve jumped onto the “extreme couponing” trend, but you’d be wrong! I’ve been couponing for years! I’ve always been a fan of couponing, but when I got married I brought it to a whole new level.

The Ranger is the king of the couponing! He taught me how to get the most out of my coupons. When Big came home from the hospital we had something like 600 diapers that he got from Toys’R’Us for FREE!

I swear there were stores in our area that had his face on an “UnWanted” poster of customers they tended to lose money on. He’s walked out of stores with free groceries. He’s walked out of stores with them paying him money. He rocks!

However, I am now the Queen of our coupons! M-whahahahahahahaha!

I had never heard of the term stockpiling and I have no plans to ever really do that. I say no plans, ’cause I’m a bit OCD and once I get going on this it’ll probably get out of hand. I had a scathingly brilliant idea about couponing and we all know how that usually goes dreadfully wrong.

Those extreme couponing shows give lots of great ideas, but frankly some of those people scare me a little (all while being secretly jealous of how awesome they do on the whole shopping for free thing).

There are the things they don’t tell you – you have to PAY those coupon clipping services and you have to PAY for the ink and paper for your printer and most stores WILL NOT allow you to use that many coupons (they either limit the number of “like” coupons or the number of those coupons they will double).

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll show you how my Sissy and I coupon in a totally sane way (i.e. in a way to help your family without creating a stockpile that makes you look like a candidate for Hoarders!

In the meantime, I’ll give you a glimpse of what I managed this last Sunday…

This is what I got from Walgreens last Sunday morning – 1 pkg. Ritz crackers, 1 – 6 roll pkg. Scott Natural paper towels; 1 Neutrogena sunblock spray; 3 boxes Puffs tissues; 1 – 50 ct. Advil; and 4 Act II individual microwavable popcorns. After coupons and savings I paid 13.94. I received a $2.00 Catalina coupon to use on my next visit. I saved $20.97. YEAH ME!

If you have any favorite websites, or tips you want to share just pass them on to me and I’ll be happy to work it in somewhere!


6 thoughts on “How I Coupon Like a (kinda) Sane Person

  1. I really only use coupons that I print offline, because I don’t get the papers; however, with all the talk of couponing, I figure I should make more of an effort. I mean, I do need to save money and I wouldn’t mind getting some stuff for pennies. I just can see myself spending tons and tons of time on coupons and lists and flyers. I’m not good at being OCD with my shopping. I kinda wish I could shop with you a time or two and learn some of your mad OCD skills. Seriously. 🙂

  2. And they are mad! M-wahahahahahaha!
    Anywho, I’m going to be posting on all kinds of different ways to get coupons (including those that are quick and don’t require scissors!) in the next couple of weeks…
    It’s really a lot easier to shop with coupons than it used to be!

  3. This is amazing! Where do you find your coupons at? Do coupons work at every store? (I mainly shop at 7-11 while at pitt). I’m giving you a title, Goddess of the Coupons!

  4. LOVE this! I just started my own blog last week about Couponing in NJ. So many people think that we are crazy and hoard things like the Extreme Couponing Show. Well, maybe we’re a little crazy. Crazy about savings!!!!!!

    It really is easier than people think. Great post and I am now a follower!

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