Mud, is NOT her name.

So, today was Field Day at Big’s school.

In the past, Field Day meant running around a track, competing against classmates and classes for the glory of winning the 25 meter dash!

Things are different in Tennessee, and I’m not just talkin’ the dialect!

I knew things might be off kilter when Big brought home a note not just suggesting she bring a change of clothes for that day, but DEMANDING a change of clothes to arrive at school a week in advance!

Oh, and the added note to bring baby shampoo caught me off guard too…

“Don’t worry!” teachers told me.

Big found out what was going to happen.

Mud. M-U-D. MUD!

Big started plotting immediately.

Big does not like mud.

The farm girl in me is hanging her head in shame. Where, oh, where did I go wrong?

Big was not thrilled that I would not let her skip school this day so she wouldn’t get muddy.

In fact, she wasn’t very thrilled that not only did I not let her skip school, I showed up with a CAMERA!

“Is this going to end up on Facebook?” She asked.

Technically I didn’t lie to her when I said no. The pictures themselves won’t be on Facebook, but there might just be a link to the blog on FB.

There was a storm that threatened the possibility of outside fun in the mud, so the classes started out the morning in the gym; but when it looked like there would be some sun for the afternoon the hoses came out and the water fun ensued!

That is a block of ice my child is sitting on! Do you know what that results in?

…one cold bum!

After much cajoling, we talked Big into stepping into the mud. She was the only student in her class to come out of the mud clean-ish.

The Clean-ish. The Dirty. And the, OMG! What Happened to You!?! Can you guess which feet belong to Big?

She decided she needed to get hosed off ’cause she was just so dirty!

However, the hose wasn’t necessary. Apparently, water slides go much faster when you pour baby shampoo on them. Two bird, one stone. Water, shampoo and slide – I think we need one of these in our bathroom.

“Was that fun?” asked Mama. “OH, YEAH!”

The slide was followed by a game of Tug-O-War, where the girls won two out of three matches.

It was important to win, ’cause the losers ended up in a knee-deep mud puddle!

The one match they lost, Big and her friends just let go so they wouldn’t land in the water! They then just sat and laughed like loons at their classmates who were in the water.

The final station of the day was kickball before heading back to the hose to be rinsed off.

PSYCH! Big’s not in this picture! She’d never get this muddy! But she had a great time!

FLASHBACK! I do seem to recall a time my sister, our friends and I were on the receiving end of a hose after a lovely Sunday afternoon spent in mud puddles. I don’t think her issues from mud come from me.


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