Big Foot, the Bad Kitty

Today I am participating in Wordful Wednesday with ParentingBYDummies.

We have been adopted by “Bad Kitty.”*

– illustration by Nick Bruel from “Bad Kitty.”

At least he looks like Bad Kitty.

Bad Kitty showed up on the Saturday before Palm Sunday looking ragged. He had big feet, so we called him Big Foot.

Bad Kitty looked so pathetic that I decided to feed him. We should have called him Big Mouth.

I know, I know… you shouldn’t feed strays, they’ll never leave.

Bad Kitty hasn’t left yet, at least not for long. He goes home for awhile and then comes back.

We have come to find out that Bad Kitty actually belongs to a house two away from ours, but apparently they have trouble keeping up with his stomach.

He has no problem eating out of our food dishes.

Hazel isn’t too thrilled with this new addition, notice the slightly arched back and concentrated glare she directed toward the interloper.

Queenie isn’t too thrilled either, but she isn’t quite as concerned because Bad Kitty isn’t allowed in the house.

If this were the stray cat we thought it was, I would have scooped it up and run it to the vet to check the health of the cat and to be sure it has all its’ shots and had been spade. But, this is the neighbor’s cat so we’ll keep putting out food. I’ll keep putting some topical flea and tick gunk on it. My cats will keep glaring at it. And, we’ll keep calling it Big Foot the Bad Kitty.

*Bad Kitty is a character that is the brain child of Nick Bruel and is the star of a series of fabulous children’s books.


6 thoughts on “Big Foot, the Bad Kitty

  1. Once in college I saw a “stray” cat under a car. I tried to lure him out, and eventually got a few scratches while managing to wrangle the cat into my arms. I noticed he had a collar, so I needed to check the collar, find his home, and return him! I was doing a good deed! When I finally had him in my arms, I checked the address on the collar. I looked around. The cat was next to his own damn driveway. He did not need saving.

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