Dressing Big

I bought THIS dress over 2 years ago. It was an AWESOME deal and I knew that it would someday fit my little Baby, who LOVES dresses.

At the time I bought this dress, it would have fit Big, but I knew better than to believe she would ever wear it – except under duress.

You see, Big doesn’t wear dresses like this.

At least she didn’t.

Big has always had certain restrictions on what she will and will not wear.

Big does not wear stripes, except on Tuesdays.

Big does not wear leggings or tights, except under duress, in extreme circumstances, and with many whining, crying, sulking noises.

In the past, I have actually pinned her down and forced her little feet into tights while she was kicking and screaming.

Big does not wear pink, at least not middle pink – really light, almost white pink or really dark, HOT pink maybe, depending on her mood.

Big does not wear dresses.

When she was 2, my Mama once got her a super cute, fluffy middle pink dress and every time we’d put it on her she’d sob until it came off again.

Other than that, I could literally open a drawer and toss clothes at her and she’d put them on and go her merry way.

However, Big has decided she is now interested having a say in what she wears. I figured it was coming since she is 10.

Big picked out her own Christmas…

and Easter dresses this year.

She has pretty good taste.

And for those of you wondering about the tights, yes, I did hear many loud, whiny, crying, sulking noises when I handed her the tights… What can I say, I’m a mean, mean Mama and it was pouring outside for most of the day, not the best weather for wearing sockless shoes.

I’m enjoying the fact that my 10-year old is not trying to dress like a teenager…yet. Baby, however, is another story entirely.


2 thoughts on “Dressing Big

  1. Big has excellent taste in dresses! And everyone else appreciates seeing her in them that much more since it is a rare occasion that she will wear one.!

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