Going on an Egg Hunt


The flowers, the rain, the mad dash toward neon plastic eggs filled with candy!

Yes, folks, I’m talking about a good, old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt!

We have been to egg hunts before, but this one was by far the biggest! They had the kids separated by age, so Big and the Ranger went one direction to the basketball court and Baby and I went the other way to the skate park.

Someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided to hold all the 4-6 year olds in a place with skateboard ramps while waiting for the hunt to start.

Kids were running up the ramps, then turn around and run pell-mell the other direction.

“Mama, I got runned over!” Baby told me at one point.

I now understand why we had to sign an injury waiver in order to participate in the egg hunt. I had pictured a Black Friday situation with kids pushing, shoving and saying, “I had that first!” But, no, it was so when my child broke her arm jumping from the top of a ramp, I wouldn’t be able to sue.

Baby got in her fair share of jumping off skateboard ramps herself.

That thing flying over her head – it’s not just a parachute; it’s a Redneck Easter Basket!

Most egg hunts I’ve been to start early. You pull up just in time for the egg hunt only to find out that it’s already over. This particular hunt started 15 minutes late. The kids got a little bored.

And then, it was on!

I’ve decided that finding my child in an egg hunt is like playing a real life game of “Where’s Waldo?”. How many times can you find the girl in the little, purple dress?

I asked her later why she felt the need to go throughout the entire field instead of staying in one area. “Because I wanted the pink, purple and blue eggs, Mama,” she explained.

It was a good day for an Easter Egg Hunt. So good, in fact, the girls have been playing Egg Hunt all afternoon with the empty plastic eggs.


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