M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I River

Every once in awhile the Accidental family loads up Suki our Suzuki and off we go exploring this new land of Tennessee.


Okay, so what we do isn’t much of a Road Trip, but it usually makes a nice Day Trip.

On this particular Saturday, a week or so ago, we decided to take the girls to see the Mississippi River. I would like to know who came up with the name Mississippi, ’cause it’s kinda a fun word that just rolls off the tongue. Although it just doesn’t flow the way Roll on Columbia, Roll on does…

It was only a couple hours away; so we gathered the kiddo’s, a camera, and a CD and off we went.

Now, Big has seen the Mississippi before but not to remember it. My Mama and Daddy lived in New Orleans for awhile and they lived in Germantown, TN for awhile and we saw the river both times. Baby DEFINITELY wouldn’t remember the river.

This was our first trip to the river that wasn’t in or along a city, and while we weren’t expecting much we did find the remains of a nice little park and a closed road.

So, we did what everyone else did, we pulled off the road and walked through the remaining silt so we could sit in the abandoned park and watch the “Muddy Mississippi” flow by and move barges up and down the river.

Baby was going to play a game of “Pooh Sticks” but this Mama wouldn’t let her get that close to the water (the current was moving pretty fast here). Instead we looked for rocks to skip. They thunked more than they skipped, but it was fun trying!

It was windy. Baby had to hold down her dress do she wouldn’t “flash” Missouri. We had a geography lesson and a social studies lesson. We looked for birds. We enjoyed the sun and the breeze. We got in the car and headed back toward Reelfoot Lake, but that’s another blog for another time.

I wonder where we will go next time we explore our new state?


2 thoughts on “M-I-SS-I-SS-I-PP-I River

  1. Looks like a fun way to get to know the area.

    My daughter is 11 and still likes to play “pooh sticks”

    Thanks for visiting my blog, sorry about the delay in returning comments 🙂

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