Dinosaurs, Nature and Myths, Oh, My! – WW

Today I am participating in Wordful / Wordless Wednesday with ParentingBYDummies.

We just got back from vacation – sort of.

The Ranger had meetings in Atlanta last week. The girls had Spring Break. We all went to Atlanta. ROAD TRIP!

The girls and I had a vacation. The Ranger had to work.

We’ve done this before. It is rather bittersweet. It would be great, if not for the fact that the Ranger has scruples and won’t play hookey. He goes to work, and we go to play. It’s not quite fair, but we played anyways!

One of the reasons we were fabulously happy with our hotel was because in addition to a free continental breakfast, they offered a free shuttle to their guests (aka, ME!). They would drive us anywhere we wanted to go within 3 miles of the hotel in downtown Atlanta (aka, pretty much everywhere we wanted to go!). This made the Ranger very happy. My driving is the stuff of urban legend (I did pay for that hole I put in the DMV building) and he was more than a little concerned over the idea of me driving the progeny around an unfamiliar city.

Except they didn’t go quite everywhere we wanted / NEEDED to go. They didn’t go to the place Big just HAD to go! They didn’t go to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. You see, Big wants to be either a Paleontologist or Archeologist. This has been her goal in life for about as long as I can remember (except those couple of months when she wanted to be a comedian pizza maker). They wouldn’t drive us to the joint with the dinosaurs.

I called my Daddy.

“You could have just called her phone,” he said. He assumed I was calling his phone to talk to my Mama. He was mistaken.

“She would have told me to stay put and I need an enabler here,” I told him. I was planning to make this trek across the wilds of Atlanta and I needed someone to push me out of the nest. Daddy probably wasn’t the best choice…he knows my driving record…but he’s always supportive. He suggested a cab. He suggested a bus. He finally gave me that push I needed to gather my courage and my Google map, children, camera and head out the door for Suki my Suzuki.

It was only 4.2 miles, but it might as well have been the other side of the moon! I drove toward uptown, turned onto Ponce de Leon. I’m not thinking that I would have gone walking after dark on parts of Ponce de Leon, but it eventually turned to large lawns and green spaces as we approached the Fernbank Museum.

That place was well worth the guts and drive.

They had some pretty cool dinosaurs.

There was an exhibit on Mythology.

There was a new exhibit to expose children to nature in a hands-on “play” environment.

There was a “Science as Nature” exhibit that allowed children to do small experiments to help them understand phenomena in nature.

There was a Dippin’ Dots machine. (Sorry, no picture).

Then, there was the drive back! ACK! I not only managed to get us back to the hotel (without even having to circle a block to go back to the street I needed to turn onto), I managed to get us back to the hotel before the Ranger got back from his meetings! Yeah, Me!

If you are ever in Atlanta, I highly recommend that you make the trip to the Fernbank (even if your hotel shuttle doesn’t take you there).

Thanks for enabling me, Daddy!

And, look, Ranger, Honey, not even a scratch on the car!


6 thoughts on “Dinosaurs, Nature and Myths, Oh, My! – WW

  1. Ohhhhhhhh! Princess Nagger would LOVE to go there! I see a road trip in our future. 😉

    I love that Big wants to be either a Paleontologist or an Archeologist – Princess Nagger wants to be a Paleontologist and is having fun with Archeology in her gifted class at school right now. She and Big would get along famously! 🙂

    WW: Hubby’s Renovation Pics

    • That place was AWESOME! It had some really great exhibits and it wasn’t crowded at all!

      When Big was about 6 or so we went to the Smithsonion Institute’s Natural History Museum and her souvenier was a detailed encyclopedia of dinosaurs meant for adults. She’s got it memorized by now…crazy!

  2. I would highly recommend it! Someplace else really cool to visit (if your kids are into Jim Henson Muppets and characters) is the Center for Puppetry. They wouldn’t let us take pictures, but they had a lot of really cool characters like Kermit, Big Bird, the Fraggles, Ernie, Dr. Teeth, etc. AND, the puppetry place is FREE on Thursday afternoons!

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