Road Trip!

So I learned how to road trip from the pro’s – my Mama and Daddy.

As long as I can remember we were packing up several times a year for camping trips, at first in tents and later with the camper du jour. I don’t remember much of the tent camping years other than being damp. Did I mention I grew up in WESTERN Washington? It rains a LOT in Western Washington.

Baker Lake was a tent camping place I remember. Do you know what I remember? ROAD TRIP! Ross Lake – ROAD TRIP!

Then came the camping trailer years; do you know what I remember? ROAD TRIP! Alta Lake – ROAD TRIP! Sun Lakes – ROAD TRIP! Yellowstone – ROAD TRIP! Glacier National Park – ROAD TRIP! Edmonton, Alberta – ROAD TRIP! Oregon Coast – ROAD TRIP! Disneyland – Magical ROAD TRIP! You get the idea.

My Daddy could easily have been a long haul driver if he hadn’t been an engineer.

We would spend all evening helping Mama pack up the camper / car while Daddy went to bed to sleep. After we finished packing, usually around 2 a.m. we would climb in the car and go to sleep. We would wake up somewhere down I-5. We would stop somewhere for a bathroom break. We would stop for the night sometime around dark (if we were heading out of the state). I seem to recall a rest stop just inside the Montana border once.

Now, the Ranger would probably say I take after my Daddy. I have made the 14 hour drive from PA to TN without blinking. (Okay, I’m willing to admit I was soooo tired the next day).

So how do I road trip?

Well, I plan. SURPRISE!

I plan out every turn, every rest area; every gas station.

I plan a snack bag, kid entertainment, music / audio books.

I plan EXACTLY how long it is going to take me to get from Point A to Point B. And, you better get out of my way!

I plan it out, but it doesn’t always happen that way. You see, I’m a “Gotta get where I’m going…NOW, NOW, NOW!” The Ranger is a, “Don’t worry, we’ll get there. It’s not going anywhere.”

We balance each other out fairly well.

In the last two years we have traveled as a 2-car caravan several times.

I can still picture my Daddy talking to his friends Mike and Dave on the CB – “This is Front Door, Back Door you got your ears on?” Front Door, Back Door and Rocking Chair driving in between. ROAD TRIP! (sorry, I digress)…

In our little caravan, I AM Front Door. I HAVE to be Front Door! Did I mention I am a control freak?

The Ranger follows behind as I navigate through Lexington, KY. He follows behind, shaking his head, while I have us turn around in a parking lot to go back a few blocks to the turn we should have taken. I have an uncanny ability to get us wherever we are going; we just usually have to turn around once.

The Ranger follows behind as I navigate down whatever freeway / parkway we are on. He follows behind, shaking his head while I slow down long enough to pass the police officer watching for speeders. I don’t Really speed. But he likes to point out that the speed limit is NOT a suggestion. (My driving abilities or lack thereof, are not the subject here, so I’ll put that story off for another day).

We didn’t road trip much in PA, but I foresee many road trips ahead in our future.

How do you road trip?

p.s. Hey, Daddy…go that way!


8 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. I’ve done the road trip thing to Ross Lake too, and many, many other spots in WA. The joke is that regardless of how long we are going (weekend vs two weeks) and where we are staying (camping in the middle of nowhere for 2 weeks vs hotel for a weekend), you pack until the van (full size Ford van, not a mini-van) is full and you leave at 0′ dark thirty (AKA no later than 4:30am).

    You don’t collect pass go, you don’t collect $200 until reaching your destination. Bathroom breaks are only for emergencies, or so it seemed.

    Gotta love road trips!

    • Personally, I think that was one of the reasons that Daddy agreed to a camping trailer…bathroom break whenever we wanted one! Just pull over, run to the back, hop back into the car and off we went! But packing those things took FOREVER!

  2. My dad had a CB. He was a trucker…good memories. My hubby likes road trips. Me? Not so much. I simply survive them. In fact, we could with a little more planning. I should definitely become a planner. Last trip, my hubby came home from work and said, “Let’s get outta here!” We packed in ten minutes and left. Ya, planning would be nice.

  3. My dad took us all over the US and we had to learn how to read a map and be the navigator. Husband doesn’t follow directions and we got “lost” in NY state but we were “making good times”. Trip to Edmonton was the best road trip I’ve ever been on . . . I think it was the company. Fort Steele was the best attraction of educational type after Fords Greenfield village. Dollywood is the best entertainment attraction EVER. but I haven’t been to Disney WORLD.
    Keep up the blogs “ASM”. They are fun to read

    • Thanks, Jyl! I have quite fond memories of that trip to Edmonton too! I thought Ft. Steele was one of the coolest places EVER! We haven’t been to Dollywood yet, but I figure since it’s now in the state we’ll get there eventually!

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