Something Looks Fishy – WW

Today I am participating with Wordful / Wordless Wednesday with Parenting BY Dummies. This particular post is a bit of both – maybe not as wordy as most of my wordfuls, but definitely not wordless.

The other day we got the chance to visit the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. (Atlanta is a WHOLE other story that I’ll get into on a different post.)

Anywho, to put it bluntly, it was FABULOUS! The aquarium was open extended hours to the public the week we were visiting because they were previewing a new dolphin show for members (we didn’t get to see it). We decided to wait for the Ranger to finish his training for the day so we could all go together. It was well worth the wait. There was a definite build up of anticipation from the kids, “We’re going when Daddy gets back, right?”

By the time we got to the aquarium it was 6 p.m. and all the school field trips had departed for the day. It was really nice. The place was almost empty, except for the couple hundred people hanging out in a que-ing area waiting for the dolphin show.

Our own private aquarium.

There was no pushing or “I can’t see” from the peanut gallery. There was no hurry up so someone else gets a turn. There was no shoving, and no screeching. It was nice. It was peaceful. It was awe inspiring. I’m going to try to give you some peace while looking at the pictures.

“Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?” Ummm, Sissy, SpongeBob isn’t real and this isn’t a real sea.

I love this picture – The future scientist showing off her fish knowledge to her Baby Sissy.

What the view of the Amazon River would be from below.

The Ranger’s favorite “guest” in this aquarium. No matter where we stood in this exhibit, and it was huge, this fish would find him.

“Hey, Mama, how do they put saddles on Sea Horses?”

Honey, I think this Japanese Spider Crab is missing a leg. “Oh, Poor Crab! I hope you feel better soon!” Baby.

“You know there isn’t really any Jelly or peanut butter in Jelly Fish, right Mama?” Big.


Dang if that fish didn’t find us one last time before we left!


6 thoughts on “Something Looks Fishy – WW

  1. We’ll have to compare notes on aquariums some day – the Atlanta aquarium and the Monterey Bay aquarium in Monterey, CA. 🙂

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