How to Make a Baby Quilt

When I was pregnant with Baby I wanted to make her a quilt. I wanted her to have something to pass down that had been made by her Mama.

I can’t really sew decided to make just plain quilt squares. Then I saw something on Ebay that would make my quilt fabulous! Someone was selling pre-made quilt squares with Baby Ballerinas in the center!

SOOOO cute!

SOOOO sweet!

SOOOO much nicer than I could ever make myself.

I bought those cutie patootie squares! And I can’t really sew sent them to my Mama to make a baby quilt.

Then. I. Had. A. Scathingly. Brilliant. Idea!

FYI, if you’re ever around and I tell you that I have a scathingly brilliant idea…RUN! It’ll probably be trouble.

I decided that I would make her a big girl quilt that would stay with her from the time she moved into her first big girl bed until she got married and then she would use it for her baby! I would learn how to make a quilt!

So, I started collecting fabric to make the sweet, little quilt that I had always wanted to make for Baby. Some people, the Ranger included, would say that I was just using this project as an excuse to be a quilt store stalker!

Baby is now almost 7 and that quilt never really got made. Oh, I had the fabric. I just can’t really sew didn’t have the time to cut the squares and sew it all together. And, now, Baby is too old for the quilt I had planned. What was I to do?

Then. I. Had. A. Scathingly. Brilliant. Idea!

I had a friend who was having a baby girl! PERFECT! I would make the quilt for her new baby! Then, I moved. Then I finished graduate school. Then I ran out of excuses to procrastinate putting this quilt together.

So, I gathered my fabric, and realized that I no longer had the template that I needed cut the new squares to match the ones I had cut long ago (roughly almost 7 years ago).

I had 2 large wall panels of the Baby Ballerina fabric. I figured make a two-sided quilt with a panel in the center and smaller squares (nothing fancy) around it. That was what I had planned. It didn’t quite work out that way.

First I cut all my fabric into squares, then I realized it might have been a good idea to find out how many of squares I would need to make a baby quilt. I now have LOTS of extra squares. Anyone making a quilt and need squares? Anyone?

I had no clue how big a baby quilt should be? It probably would have been too easy to go upstairs and get one of the old baby quilts someone had given my girls. Nope, I have to do things the hard way so I bought a pattern that said, “Baby Quilt.”

For your reference, these patterns don’t really tell you how big the quilt should be. You need to cut two of these, and four of those and then appliqué six of the other thing.

I decided to lay out my pieces and see how it looked. I figured I could always add more squares if I needed to. I needed to.

In the end there was a small quilt, that when you don’t look very closely is quite cute! If you look closely you might see that I can’t really sew the squares on the bottom of the quilt are shorter than the ones on the top.

If you look closely you might see that the squares don’t really line up very well.

If you look closely you might see that the back isn’t a mirror of the front like I had planned.

So, whatever you do…don’t look close!


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