Today I am participating in Wordful Wednesday with Parenting BY Dummies.

Once upon a time there was Big.

Big moved to a new state, new town and new school.

In this school there was a P.E. program unlike any she had ever seen. They did cup stacking. They did gymnastics. They did Tinikling?

Isn’t that something for the privacy of the bathroom?

“No, Mom! It’s something with poles. Wait and see at the P.E. program!”

P.E. program? Now I’ve attended choir programs, band concerts, and school plays, but I’ve never heard of a P.E. program. It was actually pretty darn cool! 100 – some 5th graders showing off their athletic abilities for their parents in a gymnasium with no bleachers -nice and cozy.

See Big rock those Tinikling poles! Concentrate…concentrate!

Tinikling is the national dance of the Philippines. It involves moving sticks to a beat and dancing inside the sticks. For this program, the kids moved the sticks to a beat while other children danced inside them and bounced basketballs.

Big also participated in the parachute dance. (She is the one in the royal blue t-shirt next to the girl in khaki pants and a black shirt). Big did NOT participate in pogoball basketball, gymnastics, speed cup stacking, jump rope or line dancing. (Her athletic ability is like her mother’s. The spirit is willing, but the coordination is lacking).

None of these blurry children are Big, but I figured what is a program in Tennessee without some line dancing, right? I did, however, get a kick out of the fact that they were line dancing the Electric Slide.

Not a bad gig for a bunch of 10 /11 year-olds! They rocked that gym!


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