Heading to Alice’s House

This post is being written as part of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. The prompt for this week is a vacation to remember. (I’m sorry, Mama Kat, I still can’t get the button link to work).

I live roughly 3,000 miles from my parents and my siblings and their families. We usually get to see my parents twice a year, once we’ll fly to them and once they’ll fly to us. We usually get to see my siblings and their families once a year…maybe… it’s rough.

In Nov. 2009 we flew out to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with my family. It was really nice and it went way too fast. But this post isn’t about that vacation. This post is a vacation idea seed that was planted when Poppop (my Daddy) heard his youngest granddaughter, Baby, ask if we could go to see Alice (Disney). Poppop thought and thought and thought and then in June, I was grocery shopping and got a call from my Daddy. At that time I didn’t get many phone calls from Daddy, so I was quick to answer. The jist of the phone call was to see if instead of Nana and Poppop coming to see Baby, would Baby like to meet them at Disneyland.

Ummm…let me think about this for a minute… YES!

So, the ball was rolling, and two months and numerous emails and phone calls between my Sissy (aka, the Cruise Director) and me, we were on our way to see Alice. Everyone in the extended family knew except Baby. Baby thought we were just going to see Nana and Poppop. We let Nana tell her at the airport in California.

It didn’t sink in until we were driving up Disney Blvd. and she could see the tips of the castle. Her eyes got huge and stayed that way for a week.

This trip was for more than just because Baby told her Poppop she wanted to see Alice. This trip was a huge celebration for the entire family – Poppop was getting ready to retire, I was getting ready to graduate with my Master’s degree, my oldest nephew had just graduated from high school and my Sissy had a BIG birthday, and at the last minute we were celebrating a job transfer for the Ranger to TN. (We found out 2 days before leaving on vacation that we had 30 days to relocate to TN).

This was a family reunion vacation. We are one of those families who spends at least one day touring the park wearing matching t-shirts that proclaim we are family!

Well, everyone wore a t-shirt except Baby. This was the day she hoped to see Alice, so she got to wear her costume. We didn’t see Alice that day, but Baby did get Poppop onto the Alice ride!

Baby is by far the youngest; she is 6. Big is 10. Their closest cousin, Miss K is 13; she was all about spending time with her girl cousins. Their boy cousins are 16, 16 and 18; they were all about scoping out girls and trying to look cool.

For us this was a trip all about Baby and Big and the magic and awe that surrounds small children in Disneyland. Come on people, it’s is called the Magic Kingdom for a reason. Nana and Poppop spent a good deal of the trip with us.

This was the trip that Nana introduced Baby to her favorite ride, which is now Baby’s favorite too – It’s a Small World.

This was a trip where she got to meet the live, for REAL princesses!

“MOM!” she said, “Did you see who was standing behind me!”

This was a trip where she got to go to Pixie Hollow and to meet Tinkerbell.

This was a trip to meet someone who gets into as much trouble as she does – Stitch.

This was the trip to finally, FINALLY meet Alice.

She didn’t just get to meet Alice, she got to play with Alice!

Many children get autographs from their favorite characters, but playing a game of musical chairs with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, now that’s something pretty darn special! That is something I doubt they will ever forget.

This was a trip to spend with Miss K.

This was a trip (probably the last) to ride on my Bubba’s shoulders.

This was a trip to spend just spending with Poppop.

This was probably the last trip the entire family will be present for at one time. Oh, they’ll all show up here and there when we go to visit Nana and Poppop, but as a family get-a-way this was probably it.

We split up during the day with groups going one direction or the other, meeting up here and there for rides together. Supper was always together. Chaotic and loud, but the good kind of chaotic and loud. Kids running between hotel rooms (we were at the end of a corridor and there was no one else around us). And, the adults going from room to room scavenging snacks, chargers and laptops (well, I was having laptop withdrawals) or just sitting and chatting. And one night there was my Sissy, my Bubba and I all together running from one ride to the next like we did when we were teenagers – only on this trip we had our spouses with us.

All in all it was a very exhausting week. It was a happy week. One sparked with wonderful memories. One that I would love to repeat….and repeat…..and repeat…..and repeat and so would Baby.


12 thoughts on “Heading to Alice’s House

  1. Awww…this is the kind of trip that I only got to do once with my family. You are right … these kinds of “everyone goes” trips are rare and very special.

    Visiting from Mama Kats…

  2. What wonderful memories. We have never done a trip with our entire family. I’ve always wanted to do a cruise with the whole family but haven’t been able to.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

  3. We’ve never been to Disneyland but we get to Disney World quite a bit as my parents live nearby. We’re thinking about trekking out to Cali next summer so we can visit the land, too.

    You certainly had a great trip! I’m sure your kids will be talking about it for years.

  4. What a magical time! It’s so fun to remember trips like that, when everything goes well and everyone has so much fun! I know my girls would just love to meet Tinker Bell! Maybe someday soon.

    I loved your comment about how you would catch suckers in Yellowstone…my hubby and I would totally be the ones to pull over and look for those imaginary animals!

    • Baby was so very excited to meet Tink! They were so very nice, and Tinkerbell had fun playing with her for a few minutes. When we got back someone at her school told her they weren’t the real people, just people playing dress up. She was so disappointed; so, I told her this “friend” was mistaken because everyone knew that the REAL characters were at DisneyLAND (where we were) and their “helpers” were at the other Disney parks (where her friend went). She perked right back up again and agreed. Now I have to come up with a good story for when we (someday) go to Disney World.

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