What I’ve Learned about Weather

Living in the Pacific Northwest I learned:

  1. Everyday there is a 50% chance of rain (you learn to think of it as liquid sunshine).
  2. If you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change.

Living in the mountains of Pennsylvania I learned:

  1. You plan Halloween costumes to accommodate long johns and winter coats. (Isn’t Baby cute as Tinkerbell! Her ears just need some points to make it complete!
  2. You plan to have snow on the ground from Thanksgiving through Easter.

In Tennessee I am learning:

  1. It will snow 5 inches one week

  1. The next week it will be hitting 70 and your bulbs will start to poke through the ground

  1. Leaves fall from the trees from October through February and despite being raked on numerous occasions will still show up in your flower beds in the spring.
  2. There is much more to learn…

I learned to drive in the rain and I learned to drive in the snow, now if I can just force myself to learn how to drive in the glaring sun life will be great! (Those of you who know my driving history can appreciate this. Those of you who don’t know my crummy wonderful driving record will find out eventually, I’m a bit notorious).

Pass the Peas!

Look what the Ranger brought me for Valentine’s Day!

Yes, people, that is a LIVE plant! A tulip to be exact. They are my FAVORITES! Now we’ll see exactly how long I manage to keep it alive. So far we are up to day 3 and it is starting to bloom! I even remembered to water it! Did you know that tulips can go 2 days without water and still live? I found out they can!

If you are wondering why it is so crazy that I received flowers for Valentine’s Day, you might want to read the previous post, “Look but Don’t Touch!”

I am participating in Wordful Wednesday with ParentingBYDummies


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