Look but Don’t Touch!

This is why my husband rocks!

I know some of you other ladies will receive flowers from your man this Valentine’s Day, but I got mine early! I get mine whenever I want (*raspberries*)! The Ranger is a romantic, gotta love that in a man….sigh….

The Ranger is the kind of guy who doesn’t like his photo taken gets to walk past the line of guys who forgot to order their Valentine’s Day flowers (and are hoping that someone else doesn’t show up for his). He orders his flowers well in advance.

The Ranger does this despite the fact that I will kill these flowers in a matter of minutes, seconds, days. He claims I am a graduate of “The Morticia Adams School of Flower Design.” He is right. My thumb isn’t just brown, it’s downright black! If you want to kill a plant just give it to me for a day or two and there’ll be no saving the poor thing.

When we were living in Portage, people would see the gorgeous flowers we would have lining the retaining wall, porch and flower beds and comment to the Ranger that they just didn’t know how his wife did it? How did she find the time between work, graduate school, and kids to spend with the flowers! The poor man would just shake his head. The poor man was the only reason we had FABULOUS flowers! The sweet ladies from church would just chuckle knowingly (*wink* sure you do, dear) and walk away. I’m here to say and proclaim loud and clear:

I KILL FLOWERS, MY HUSBAND CAN MAKE THEM STAND UP, DANCE AND GROW THE SIZE OF CABBAGES! (Seriously, we had people walking through our yard to take pictures of our sunflowers ’cause they were so freakin’ huge!).

I don’t know how I do it, it must be a talent. I mean, seriously, I grew up on a farm! We had a garden! We had flowers! Then again, they were my moms’. She and the Ranger talk flowers. She and the Ranger have green thumbs. I don’t.

But I love flowers! I like the way they sway in the breeze in a field, I like the way they look sitting on my table; I like to see them in my husbands’ hands. My husband knows these things, and that’s why he still sends me flowers and grows them around the house. He loves me and so today may be Valentine’s Day, but at my house it’s Valentine’s Day all year around (saccharine I know, but true!) because he provides me with flowers whenever I want. I’m just not allowed to touch them. They die and my husband brings me more. I love him too, so I let him grow me flowers and I just look and admire, not touch.


2 thoughts on “Look but Don’t Touch!

  1. Your mom complimented me once about the baskets of flowers hanging around our screened in porch. She wanted to know my secret because she never saw me water them. They were artificial!

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