A Girl, a Friend, a Valentine?

I was dusting the other day (I know *GASP*) and I came across this photo:

I love this photo. It is a picture of Big and one of her best friends, Becky, at Del Grosso’s Amusement Park on Labor Day, 2010, just a few short weeks before we moved. They wanted to ignore the adults and baby sister following them be cool; they haven’t figured out yet that it isn’t cool to wander an amusement park holding the hand of your friend of the same gender. Becky’s mom is one of my best friends and while we like to wander the mall and Wally World together ignoring the whining children tagging along looking cool, we would never consider holding hands. That’s just weird.

I think this is a sweet photo, it is the innocence of youth, it is the true love of a heart that hasn’t been broken, it is unfailing, it is without judgment, it’s just not caring what the people around are thinking, it’s friendship.

To me this is a picture of special Valentines. This will be the photo that Big comes across when she is old and married my age, and, I hope, call Becky on the phone and say, “Guess what picture I found?”



3 thoughts on “A Girl, a Friend, a Valentine?

  1. That is my girls, now 21 and 18. Still best friends and still openly professing their love for each other. Foster that, and you can’t go wrong.

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