My First Valentine

Today I am participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. I am using the prompt – Share a photo that captures a special Valentine.

This is a picture of Baby with my first Valentine, my Daddy. Yup, this Mama still calls her Daddy, Daddy. I chose this picture because today is a special day, it’s my Daddy’s birthday (if you see him, tell him I said, “Nah, What’s up, Doc?”) He’s not going to be really happy that I shared this photo, or that I told you it was his birthday, but I’ll live and so will he. He’s a quiet, humble man. I love him, he’s my Daddy and he’s forgiven me much greater things than sharing his photo on my blog. After all I did move 3,000 miles away, and he’s forgiven me for that!

My Daddy is pretty darn cool. When I learned to drive he didn’t scream or yell, just asked for a Diet Pepsi and stick of beef jerky while I was practicing (he didn’t even yell at me the day I ran the car into the DMV building when I went to take my test). When I was learning to cook, he ate whatever I created despite my lack of skills. When I went away to college he slipped me $20 every time we stopped for gas and offered to drive the 8 hours to pick me up if I changed my mind and wanted to come home. When I was getting married he asked me for a yearlong engagement in case I wanted to change my mind (I didn’t). And, when I went through with the wedding he gave me the best advice EVER as we waited for our cue (Basically, save the arguments for something really important, because you can never really take back something said in anger). When my children arrived he would walk them through the toy store and say, “Anything at all, anything…Poppop will get it for you!” (Not that he’s spoiled his grandchildren).

He just retired from his job as an engineer in order to start his second career. He is now an Associate Pastor. He’s been planning for his retirement for decades, and now he is doing something he truly loves (not that he didn’t like his last career, but…). He always swore that if I went back to school to get my Master’s degree he was going to go back to school too, and darned if he didn’t! He started taking classes to become an Associate Pastor around the same time I started working on my MLIS. He started work as an Associate Pastor on January 1, 2011.

I’ve heard this often from my parents, I’ve been blessed. So now I’m passing it on, “I’m so very proud of you, Daddy. I love you Daddy, miss you!” Great, now I’m crying (and so is my mom if she’s reading this ’cause we never cry alone).

Sorry Mama Kat, I still can’t get your button to cooperate.


7 thoughts on “My First Valentine

  1. Aren’t Daddy’s the best? I love mine too. Love the pic. It’s always special to see the connection between our parents and our kids.

    Visiting via Mama Kat’s!

  2. Your mom told me about your blog. I was her neighbor when she lived in Tennessee. It was always fun going shopping with her! Tell your dad Happy Birthday from his former neighbors on the corner! As far as the weather in Tennessee goes, if you don’t like it, just give it a day because it will change. Welcome to the South.


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